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Xavier of Bourbon-Parma, Duke of Parma

Xavier, Duke of Parma and Piacenza, known before 1974 as Prince Xavier of Bourbon-Parma was the... more »

Xavier, Duke of Aquitaine

Xavier of France was a French Fils de France of the House of Bourbon. more »

Xenia Godunova

Xenia Borisovna Godunova was a Russian Tsarevna, daughter of Tsar Boris Godunov, and sister of... more »

Xenia Shestova

Boyarinya Kseniya Ioannovna Shestova was a spouse of Fyodor Romanov and the mother of Mikhail... more »

Xhelal Bey Zogu

Prince Xhelal Bey Zogu was a son of Xhemal Pasha Zogu and Melek Zogu. As the eldest brother in... more »

Xiang Yu

Xiang Ji, style name Yu, better known as Xiang Yu, was a prominent military leader and political... more »

Xie, Marquis of Jin

Xie was the original Marquis of Jin, and the second ruler of the State of Jin during the early... more »

Xu Shouhui

Xu Shouhui was a 14th-century Chinese rebel leader who proclaimed himself emperor during the... more »

Xuande Emperor

The Xuande Emperor, personal name Zhu Zhanji, was the fifth emperor of the Ming Dynasty of China... more »

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