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Y Lan

Ỷ Lan or Empress Mother Linh Nhân was the imperial concubine of Lý Thánh Tông, the third emperor... more »


Nga Yamankan was governor of Pegu from 1077 to 1084, who raised an unsuccessful rebellion... more »

Yang Guifei

Yang Yuhuan, often known as Yang Guifei, known briefly by the Taoist nun name Taizhen, was known... more »

Yang Tong

Yang Tong, known in traditional histories by his princely title of Prince of Yue or by his era... more »

Yang Xiuqing

Yang Xiuqing, was an organizer and commander-in-chief of the Taiping Rebellion. more »

Yaovabha Bongsanid

Yaovabha Bongsanid was the Princess of Siam. She was a member of Siamese Royal Family. She was a... more »

Yaovamalaya Narumala

Her Royal Highness Princess Yaovamalaya Narumala, the Princess of Sawankalok or Somdet Phra Chao... more »

Yaropolk Izyaslavich

Yaropolk Izyaslavich was a Knyaz during the eleventh-century in the Kievan Rus' kingdom and was... more »

Yaroslav II of Vladimir

Yaroslav II, Christian name Theodor was the Grand Prince of Vladimir who helped to restore his... more »

Yarrow Maaytey

Yarrow Maaytey was a Somali ruler, and the founder of the Galluweger Dynasty. more »


Yasa'ur was a Chagatai prince who launched a revolt against the Ilkhan Abu Sa'id. He was the son... more »

Yasmine Pahlavi

Yasmine Pahlavi is the wife of Reza Pahlavi, the last crown prince of the former Imperial State... more »

Yaza Dewi of Pegu

Yaza Dewi was a principal queen of King Bayinnaung of Burma. She was the mother of King Nawrahta... more »


Yazakumar was the titular governor of north Arakan during the reign of his father King... more »


Yazathingyan was a co-founder of Myinsaing Kingdom in today's central Burma. A former commander... more »

Yazid I

'Yazīd ibn Mu‘āwiya ibn Abī Sufyān, Arabic: يزيد بن معاوية بن أبي سفيان‎, commonly known as... more »

Yazid II

Yazid bin Abd al-Malik or Yazid II was an Umayyad caliph who ruled from 720 until his death in... more »

Yazid III

Yazid ibn al-Walid ibn 'Abd al-Malik or Yazid III was an Umayyad caliph. He reigned for six... more »

Yelü Chucai

Yelü Chucai was a statesman of Khitan ethnicity with royal family lineage to the Liao Dynasty,... more »

Yelü Dashi

Yelü Dashi, or Yeh-Lü Ta-Shih was the founder of the Western Liao dynasty, or the Kara-Khitan... more »

Yevdokiya Yusupova

Yevdokiya Borisovna Yusupova, was a Duchess consort of Courland. She married the Duke of... more »

Yi Gu

Prince Yi Ku was a claimant to the throne of Korea, contested twenty-ninth head of the Korean... more »

Yi Hae-won

Princess Yi Haewŏn, a descendant of the Yi Dynasty is a contender to the throne of Korea. She is... more »

Yi Seok

Yi Seok is a prince of the House of Yi, the Korean royal family. He was described as the "last... more »

Yi Un

Lieutenant General Prince Imperial Yeong, the Crown Prince Uimin, also known as Yi Un, Yi Eun,... more »

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