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L. E. Modesitt, Jr.

L. E. Modesitt, Jr. is an author of 56 science fiction and fantasy novels. He is best known for... more »

L. Frank Baum

Lyman Frank Baum was an American author of children's books, best known for writing The... more »

L. J. Smith

Lisa Jane Smith, known professionally as L. J. Smith, is an American author of young-adult... more »

L. Neil Smith

Lester Neil Smith III, better known as L. Neil Smith, is a libertarian science fiction author... more »

L. P. Davies

Leslie Purnell Davies was a British novelist whose works typically combine elements of horror,... more »

L. P. Hartley

Leslie Poles Hartley CBE, known as L. P. Hartley, was a British novelist and short story writer... more »

L. R. Wright

Laurali Rose Wright was a Canadian writer of mystery novels. Born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,... more »

L. Ron Hubbard

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, better known as L. Ron Hubbard and often referred to by his initials,... more »

L. Sprague de Camp

Lyon Sprague de Camp was an American writer of science fiction and fantasy, non-fiction and... more »

Laban Carrick Hill

Laban Carrick Hill is a writer. more »

Lacey Fosburgh

Lacey Fosburgh was an American journalist, author, and academic best known for her bestselling... more »

Lady Colin Campbell

Lady Colin Campbell, is a British writer, biographer, autobiographer, novelist, and television... more »

Lady Kinvara Balfour

Kinvara Balfour is an actress. more »

Lady Morgan

Sydney, Lady Morgan, was an Irish novelist, best known as the author of The Wild Irish Girl. more »

Lady Teresa Waugh

Lady Teresa Lorraine Waugh is a British novelist and translator. She is the daughter of the 6th... more »

Lady Trowbridge

Lady Trowbridge is a novelist. more »

Lael Littke

Lael Littke is an American author of young adult literature and around 75 short stories. Littke... more »

Laetitia Marie Wyse Bonaparte

Marie de Solms, born Marie-Lætitia Bonaparte-Wyse, was a French author and literary hostess. more »

Laetitia Matilda Hawkins

Laetitia Matilda Hawkins was an English novelist, associated with Twickenham. She is also a... more »

Laila Hirvisaari

Laila Ellen Kaarina Hirvisaari is a Finnish author and writer. By 2008, over four million copies... more »

Laila Lalami

Laila Lalami is a Moroccan American novelist and essayist. Lalami was born and raised in Rabat,... more »

Laisha Rosnau

Laisha Rosnau is a Canadian novelist and poet. Born in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Rosnau grew up in... more »

Lajos Bíró

Lajos Bíró was a Hungarian novelist, playwright, and screenwriter who wrote many films from the... more »

Lakshmi Persaud

Lakshmi Persaud is a Caribbean novelist, born in Trinidad and Tobago in 1939. She is also... more »

Laleh Khadivi

Laleh Khadivi is an Iranian American novelist, and filmmaker. more »