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D. G. Astley

Major D. G. Astley was a Scottish curler. He participated for Great Britain at the 1924 Winter... more »

Dafne Schippers

Dafne Schippers is a Dutch athlete competing in heptathlon and the sprints. She started track... more »

Dag Bjørndalen

Dag Bjørndalen is a former Norwegian biathlete. He is the older brother of Ole Einar Bjørndalen... more »

Dag Fornæss

Dag Fornæss is a former speed skater from Norway who won the Norwegian, European, and World... more »

Dag Wennlund

Dag Bengt Wennlund is a retired javelin thrower from Sweden, who represented his native country... more »

Dagmar Kersten

Dagmar Kersten is a retired East German gymnast. She competed at the 1988 Summer Olympics and... more »

Dagmar Nilsson

Dagmar Calla Johanna Nilsson was a Swedish diver who competed in the 1912 Summer Olympics. She... more »

Dagmar Švubová

Dagmar Švubová is a former Czechoslovak cross country skier who competed from 1982 to 1986. She... more »

Dagne Alemu

Dagne Alemu is an Ethiopian long-distance runner, who specializes in cross-country running. more »

Dagnis Vinogradovs

Dagnis Vinogradovs is a Latvian sprint canoer who competed in the mid-2000s. At the 2004 Summer... more »

Dagny Knutson

Dagny Knutson is an American swimmer of Norwegian heritage. Knutson is a former American record... more »

Dagny Mellgren

Dagny Mellgren from Ålgård is a former Norwegian footballer. She retired in December 2005 while... more »

Daham Najim Bashir

Daham Najim Bashir, born David Nyaga, is a middle distance runner now representing Qatar after... more »

Dahlia Duhaney

Dahlia Duhaney is a retired female sprinter from Jamaica, who competed for her native country at... more »

Dai Greene

David "Dai" Greene is a Welsh hurdler who specialises in the 400 metres hurdles event and... more »

Dai Tamesue

Dai Tamesue is an Japanese athlete, competing mainly in 400 m hurdles but also 400 m. Tamesue... more »

Dai Yun

Dai Yun is a retired Chinese female badminton player. more »

Daichi Sawano

Daichi Sawano is a Japanese pole vaulter. His personal best is 5.83 metres, achieved in May 2005... more »

Dailín Belmonte

Dailín Belmonte Torres is a Cuban long-distance runner who specialises in marathon running. She... more »

Daima Beltran

Daima Mayelis Beltrán Guisado is a Cuban judoka. At the 2000 Summer Olympics she won the silver... more »

Daimí Pernía

Daimí Pernía Figueroa is a retired Cuban athlete competing mainly in 400 m hurdles. A former... more »

Dainis Bremse

Dainis Bremse was a Latvian Soviet luger who competed during the late 1970s. He won the gold... more »

Dainis Kūla

Dainis Kūla is a Latvian former javelin thrower who represented the Soviet Union at the... more »

Daisaku Takeda

Daisaku Takeda is a Japanese rower. more »

Daishin Nakamura

Daishin Nakamura is a Japanese baseball outfielder who won a silver medal in the 1996 Summer... more »