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J Theuerkauff

Jürgen Theuerkauff is a German fencer. He represented the Unified Team of Germany in 1960 and... more »

J'maal Alexander

J'maal Alexander is a runner from the British Virgin Islands who competed at the 2012 Summer... more »

J. Henry Birtles

John Henry Birtles was a British rugby union player who competed in the 1900 Summer Olympics. He... more »

J. J. Shobha

Javur Jagadeeshappa Shobha is an Indian professional athlete from a village called... more »

J. Lester Madden

James Lester Madden was an American figure skater who competed in men's singles and pair... more »

J. Nicholas

J. Nicholas was a British football player who competed in the 1900 Olympic Games. In Paris he... more »

J. P. Kepka

John Paul Kepka is a short track speed skater from the United States who won bronze in the 5000m... more »

J. T. Jose

James Trick "Jimmy" Jose was a Cornish rugby union player who competed in the 1908 Summer... more »

J. Vance

J. Vance was a British archer. She competed at the 1908 Summer Olympics in London. Vance... more »

J. W. Dowling

J. W. Dowling was an American lacrosse player who competed in the 1904 Summer Olympics. In 1904... more »

J.M. Carvalho

J.M. Carvalho is a former Indian field hockey player and coach. He was awarded the Arjuna Award... more »

Jaak Uudmäe

Jaak Uudmäe is a retired Estonian triple jumper and long jumper, gold medalist at the 1980... more »

Jaakko Friman

Jaakko Johannes Friman was an speed skater from Finland, who represented his native country at... more »

Jaakko Ojaniemi

Jaakko Ojaniemi is a Finnish decathlete. more »

Jaan Kikkas

Jaan Kikkas was a weightlifter and Olympic bronze medalist from Valga, Estonia. He won bronze... more »

Jaan Talts

Jaan Talts is a former weightlifter and Olympic champion who competed for the Soviet Union. more »

Jaana Ehmcke

Jaana Ehmcke is a German swimmer. She is trained by Jörg Hoffmann. In 2006, she took part in the... more »

Jaana Savolainen

Jaana Savolainen is a former Finnish cross-country skier who competed from 1984 to 1993. She won... more »

Jaana Sundberg

Jaana Sundberg is an athlete. more »

Jaap Kraaier

Jacob "Jaap" Kraaier was a Dutch flatwater canoer who competed in the 1930s. At the 1936 Summer... more »

Jaap Oudkerk

Jacob "Jaap" Oudkerk is a retired cyclist from the Netherlands. He competed in the 4000 m team... more »

Jaap-Derk Buma

Jaap-Derk Buma is a former Dutch field hockey player, who played 143 international matches for... more »

Jaber Saeed Salem

Jaber Saeed Salem, born Yani Marchokov is a Qatari weightlifter who competed in the Men's 105+... more »

Jacek Bednarek

Jacek Bednarek is a male former racewalker from Poland, who represented his native country at... more »

Jacek Fafiński

Jacek Fafinski is a Polish wrestler. Fafiński won the silver medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics... more »