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L. F. Dean

Frederick Dean was a Cornish rugby union player who competed in the 1908 Summer Olympics at... more »

L. H. Clermont

L. H. Clermont was an Olympic sport shooter who was part of the team won Haiti's first ever... more »

L. Lescat

L. Lescat was a French athlete. He competed at the 1908 Summer Olympics in London. In the 100... more »

Laban Rotich

Laban Rotich is a Kenyan runner who specializes in the 1500 metres. His personal best time is... more »

Lacena Golding-Clarke

Lacena Golding-Clarke is a retired female hurdling athlete from Jamaica. She represented Jamaica... more »

Lacey Hearn

Lacey Earnest Hearn was an American athlete and sprinter who competed in the early twentieth... more »

Lachie Stewart

Joseph Laughlin Stewart is a Scottish former distance runner, and an inductee in the Scottish... more »

Lachlan Dreher

Lachlan George Dreher is a former field hockey goalkeeper from Australia, who competed in three... more »

Lachlan Elmer

Lachlan Anthony Elmer is a former Australian Field Hockey player who participated in two Olympic... more »

Lachlan Renshaw

Lachlan Renshaw is a middle-distance track and field athlete and is the 2010 Australian Champion... more »

Lacy Barnes-Mileham

Lacy Barnes is a 1996 Atlanta Olympics athlete from the United States. She competed in the... more »

Ladislau Lovrenschi

Ladislau Lovrenski is a Romanian Olympic rower; he was born in Timişoara. Lovrenski competed in... more »

Ladislau Mokos

Ladislau Mokos was a Romanian basketball player who competed in the 1952 Summer Olympics. He was... more »

Ladislau Şimon

Ladislau Şimon is a Romanian former wrestler who competed in the 1976 Summer Olympics. more »

Ladislav Bubeníček

Ladislav Bubeníček was a Czech gymnast who competed for Czechoslovakia in the 1920 Summer... more »

Ladislav Falta

Ladislav Falta is a Czech former sport shooter who competed in the 1964 Summer Olympics, in the... more »

Ladislav Patras

Ladislav Patras was a Czechoslovakian nordic combined skier who competed in the late 1980s. He... more »

Ladislav Rygl, Jr.

Ladislav Rygl, Jr. is a Czech nordic combined skier who competed from 1995 to 2006. Competing in... more »

Ladislav Škantár

Ladislav Škantár is a Slovak slalom canoer who has competed since the late 1990s along with his... more »

Ladislav Švanda

Ladislav Švanda is a former Czech cross country skier who raced from 1982 to 1990. He earned a... more »

Ladislav Tikal

Ladislav Tikal was a Czechoslovak gymnast who competed in the 1928 Summer Olympics. more »

Ladislav Toman

Ladislav Toman is a Czech former volleyball player who competed for Czechoslovakia in the 1964... more »

Ladislav Troják

Ladislav Troják was the first Slovak ice hockey player in the national team of Czechoslovakia... more »

Ladislav Trpkoš

Ladislav Trpkoš was a Czech basketball player who competed for Czechoslovakia in the 1936 Summer... more »

Ladislav Vácha

Ladislav Vácha was a Czech gymnast and Olympic champion competing for Czechoslovakia. He... more »