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Abramo Basevi

Abramo Basevi was an Italian musicologist and composer. Basevi was born in Livorno. He began as... more »

Achilles Alferaki

Achilles Nikolayevich Alferaki was a Russian composer and statesman of Greek descent. His... more »

Adolphe-Charles Adam

Adolphe Charles Adam was a French composer and music critic. A prolific composer of operas and... more »

Agostino Accorimboni

Agostino Accorimboni, last name also given as Accoramboni, Accorimbeni or Accorrimboni, was an... more »

Agostino Steffani

Agostino Steffani was an Italian ecclesiastic, diplomat and composer. more »

Alan Bush

Alan Dudley Bush was a British composer and pianist. He was a committed communist, and politics... more »

Alexey Verstovsky

Alexey Nikolayevich Verstovsky was a Russian composer, musical bureaucrat and rival of Mikhail... more »

Ambroise Thomas

Charles Louis Ambroise Thomas was a French composer, best known for his operas Mignon and Hamlet... more »

Amel Brahim-Djelloul

Amel Brahim-Djelloul is a soprano opera singer and concert recitalist. She is Algerian and French. more »

Anastasiya Bespalova

Anastasiya Bespalova is a Russian composer. more »

Andrea Adolfati

Andrea Adolfati was an Italian composer who is particularly remembered for his output of opera... more »

Andrea Bernasconi

Andrea Bernasconi was an Italian composer. He began his career in his native country as a... more »

Angel Blue

Angel Joy Blue is an American operatic soprano. Blue's voice has been recognized for its shining... more »

Anna Kasyan

Anna Kasyan is a Georgian-born Armenian opera singer living in France. Kasyan is one of the... more »

Anna Netrebko

Anna Yuryevna Netrebko is a Russian operatic lirico spinto soprano. She now holds dual Russian... more »

Antonio Bibalo

Antonio Gino Bibalo was an Italian-Norwegian pianist and composer of contemporary classical... more »

Antonio Bioni

Antonio Bioni was an Italian composer best known for his operas. He was born in Venice. more »

Antonio Braga

Antonio Braga was an Italian classical composer. Born in Naples, he wrote ballets, concerto,... more »

Antonio Buzzolla

Antonio Buzzolla was an Italian composer and conductor. A native of Adria, he studied in Venice,... more »

Antonio Cagnoni

Antonio Cagnoni was an Italian composer. Primarily known for his operas, his work is... more »

Antonio Casimir Cartellieri

Antonio Casimir Cartellieri was a Polish-Austrian composer, violinist, conductor, and voice... more »

Antonio Cesti

Pietro Marc'Antonio Cesti, known today primarily as an Italian composer of the Baroque era, was... more »

Antonio Draghi

Antonio Draghi was a Baroque composer. He possibly was the brother of Giovanni Battista... more »

Antonio Maria Abbatini

Antonio Maria Abbatini was an Italian composer, active mainly in Rome. Abbatini was born in... more »

Antonio Smareglia

Antonio Smareglia was an Austro-Hungarian opera composer of Croatian and Italian ethnicity. more »