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A. Turchina

A. Turchina is an opera singer. more »

Ada Nejedly

Ada Nejedly was an opera singer. more »

Adam Didur

Adamo Didur was a top-class Polish operatic bass singer. He sang extensively in opera in Europe... more »

Adele Addison

Adele Addison is an African-American lyric soprano who was an acclaimed figure in the classical... more »

Adelina Patti

Adelina Patti was a highly acclaimed 19th-century opera singer, earning huge fees at the height... more »

Adolphe Nourrit

Adolphe Nourrit is a screenwriter. more »

Adriana Martino

Adriana Martino is an actress and singer. more »

Adrianne Pieczonka

Adrianne Pieczonka, OC is a Canadian soprano opera singer. Pronounced AY-dree-in pyeh-CHON-kuh. more »

Afro Poli

Afro Poli was an Italian operatic baritone, particularly associated with the Italian repertory. more »

Ákos Ambrus

Ákos Ambrus is an opera singer. more »

Aksel Schiøtz

Aksel Schiøtz was a Danish tenor and later baritone, who was considered one of Europe's leading... more »

Alan Crofoot

Alan Crofoot was a Canadian operatic Heldentenor, character tenor specialist, and actor. He is... more »

Alan Oke

Alan Oke is a British tenor. more »

Albert Dohmen

Albert Dohmen is a German opera singer. more »

Albert Wagner

Albert Wagner was an opera singer, stage director and the brother of Richard Wagner. more »

Aleksej Krivchenya

Aleksej Krivchenya was an opera singer. more »

Alessandro Corbelli

Alessandro Corbelli is an Italian baritone opera singer. One of the world's preeminent singers... more »

Alessandro Moreschi

Alessandro Moreschi was a castrato singer of the late 19th century and the only castrato to make... more »

Alexander Kipnis

Alexander Kipnis was a Russian-born operatic bass. Having initially established his artistic... more »

Alexander Pirogov

Alexander Stepanovich Pirogov was a Russian bass opera singer. Pirogov was born in the village... more »

Alfredo Ortega

Alfredo Ortega appeared in the 2011 short film Ortega. more »

Alice Gentle

Alice Gentle was an American operatic mezzo-soprano. She began her career in 1908 as a member of... more »

Alice Guszalewicz

Alice Guszalewicz was a Hungarian dramatic soprano. more »

Allison Beth Charney

Allison Beth Charney is a singer, and the daughter of Jordan Charney and Nancy Cooperstein. more »

Alma Gluck

Alma Gluck was a Romanian-born American soprano, one of the world's most famous female singers... more »

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