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Camilla Williams

Camilla Ella Williams was an American operatic soprano who performed nationally and... more »

Capucine Daumas

Capucine Daumas is an opera singer and actress. more »

Carla Maffioletti

Carla Maffioletti is a Brazilian/Italian opera singer. Born in Brazil, Maffioletti shares both... more »

Carlo Tagliabue

Carlo Tagliabue was an Italian baritone. After studies with Leopoldo Gennai and Annibale... more »

Carlotta Vanconti

Carlotta Vanconti is an opera singer. more »

Carmen Giannattasio

Carmen Giannattasio is an Italian operatic soprano. She studied at the Conservatoire Domenico... more »

Carmen Monarcha

Carmen Monarcha is a Brazilian soprano singer. Born into an artistic family in northern Brazil,... more »

Carol Vaness

Carol Theresa Vaness is an American lyric soprano. Vaness was born in San Diego and launched her... more »

Caroline Friend

Caroline Friend is an opera singer and violinist. more »

Caroline Gilliat

Caroline Gilliat is an opera singer and teacher. more »

Caroline Unger

Caroline Unger was an Austro-Hungarian contralto, alternatively known as Karoline, Carolina, and... more »

Carolyn Allen

Carolyn Allen is an actress and opera singer. more »

Caterina Jarboro

Caterina Jarboro was an African-American opera singer. more »

Catherine Robbin

Catherine Robbin is an opera singer and music teacher. more »

Catherine Stoltz

Catherine Stoltz is an opera singer and the sister of Eric Stoltz. more »

Célestine Galli-Marié

Célestine Galli-Marié was a French mezzo-soprano who is most famous for creating the title role... more »

Cesare Siepi

Cesare Siepi was an Italian opera singer, generally considered to have been one of the finest... more »

Chang Der Lou

Chang Der Lou was a Peking opera singer. more »

Charles Castronovo

Charles Castronovo, is an American tenor. He is in demand internationally as an opera singer... more »

Charles Wood

Charles Wood was an opera singer. more »

Charlotte Mary Brook

Charlotte Mary was an opera singer and the mother of Clive Brook. more »

Charlotte Sainton-Dolby

Charlotte Helen Sainton-Dolby, was an English contralto, singing teacher and composer. She was... more »

Charne Rochford

Charne Rochford is an opera and concert singer. more »

Chief Yowlachie

Chief Yowlachie was an actor. more »

Christel Goltz

Christel Goltz was a German operatic soprano. One of the leading dramatic sopranos of her... more »

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