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Eberhard Wächter

Eberhard Wächter was an Austrian baritone, particularly celebrated for his performances in the... more »

Echiko Narita

Echiko Narita is an opera singer and the wife of Masane Tsukayama. more »

Edda Moser

Edda Moser is a German Coloratura soprano. She was particularly well known for her... more »

Edgar Hiller

Edgar Hiller was an opera singer. more »

Edita Gruberová

Edita Gruberová, is a Slovak soprano who is one of the most acclaimed coloraturas of recent... more »

Edith Mathis

Edith Mathis is a renowned Swiss soprano and a leading exponent of the works of Mozart. She... more »

Edith Wiens

Edith Wiens is an opera singer and music teacher. more »

Edwina Eustis Dick

Edwina Eustis Dick was an American classical contralto and pioneer in the field of music... more »

Eilene Hannan

Eilene Hannan is an opera singer and actress. more »

Einar Nørby

Einar Nørby was an opera singer, actor and the father of Ghita Nørby. more »

Eleanor Toye

Eleanor Toye was the sister of Francis and Geoffrey Toye. more »

Elena Obraztsova

Elena Vasiliyevna Obraztsova is a Russian mezzo-soprano, widely recognised as one of the... more »

Elisabeth Erikson

Elisabeth Erikson is an opera singer and actress. more »

Elisabeth Radó

Elisabeth Radó was a Yugoslavian singer and singing teacher. Born in Mostar, Bosnia and... more »

Elisabeth Söderström

Elisabeth Anna Söderström CBE was a Swedish soprano who performed both opera and song. She was... more »

Ellen Shade

Ellen Shade is an American operatic soprano from New York. Her repertoire includes the Kaiserin... more »

Elsa Goulding

Elsa Goulding was an opera singer and the sister of Alfred J. Goulding. more »

Elsie Suddaby

Elsie Suddaby was a leading British lyric soprano of the years between World War I and World War... more »

Emanuel Schikaneder

Emanuel Schikaneder, born Johann Joseph Schickeneder, was a German impresario, dramatist, actor,... more »

Emil Burian

Emil Burian was a Czech operatic baritone. He was the father of composer Emil František Burian... more »

Emil von Grofé

Emil von Grofé was an opera singer. more »

Emilio Gavira

Emilio Gavira is a Spanish actor. The youngest of 6, he lived his life in Málaga and Alcazar de... more »

Emma Abbott

Emma Abbott was an American operatic soprano and impresario known for her pure, clear voice of... more »

Enrico Tamberlik

Enrico Tamberlik was an Italian tenor who sang to great acclaim at Europe and America's leading... more »

Enzo de Muro Lomanto

Enzo de Muro Lomanto was an Italian operatic tenor, particularly associated with the lyric... more »

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