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Arié Mandelbaum

Arié Mandelbaum is a painter. more »

Arlene Vonne Stone

Arlene Vonne Stone is the aunt of Sharon Stone. more »


Arman was a French-born American artist. Born Armand Fernandez in Nice, France, Arman is a... more »

Armand Anthony Assante, Sr.

Armand Anthony Assante, Sr. was a painter and artist. more »

Armand Laroche

Armand Laroche, also known as Amand Laroche, was a French painter, who specialized in portraits... more »

Armando Morales

Armando Morales was an internationally renowned Nicaraguan painter. Morales is considered one of... more »

Armin Mueller-Stahl

Armin Mueller-Stahl is a German film actor, painter, writer and musician. more »

Arnold Böcklin

Arnold Böcklin was a Swiss symbolist painter. more »

Arnulf Rainer

Arnulf Rainer, is an Austrian painter and is internationally renowned for his abstract informal... more »

Aroldo Governatori

Aroldo Governatori is a painter. more »

Aron Kincaid

Aron Kincaid was an American actor and former voice actor known for playing Killer Croc on... more »


Rodolfo Arotxarena, better known for his artistic name Arotxa, is a Uruguayan caricaturist. more »

Arshile Gorky

Arshile Gorky was an Armenian-American painter, who had a seminal influence on Abstract... more »

Art Swenson

Art Swenson is a painter, writer and actor. more »

Artemisia Gentileschi

Artemisia Gentileschi was an Italian Baroque painter, today considered one of the most... more »

Arthur Devis

Arthur Devis was an English portrait painter, particularly known for the type of portrait now... more »

Arthur Hughes

Arthur Hughes, was an English painter and illustrator associated with the Pre-Raphaelite... more »

Arthur José Carneiro

Arthur José Carneiro is a painter and the father of actress Claudia Ohana. more »

Arthur Lowe

Arthur Lowe was born in Nottingham, England but lived most of his life in Kinoulton in the Vale... more »

Artur Gorishti

Artur Gorishti is an actor. more »

Arvid Nyholm

Arvid Frederick Nyholm was a Swedish-American artist, known primarily as a portrait and... more »

Asher Brown Durand

Asher Brown Durand was an American painter of the Hudson River School. more »

Ashley Jackson

Ashley Jackson is a landscape watercolourist. Raised in Barnsley, South Yorkshire he opened his... more »

Ashok Kumar

Ashok Kumar was an actor. more »

Astrud Gilberto

Astrud Gilberto is a Brazilian samba and bossa nova singer. She is well known for her... more »