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D. H. Lawrence

David Herbert Lawrence was an English novelist, poet, playwright, essayist, literary critic and... more »

Dagfin Werenskiold

Dagfin Werenskiold was a Norwegian sculptor and painter. Dagfin Werenskiold was born in Bærum in... more »

Dai Jin

Dai Jin is noted as the founder of the Zhe School of Ming dynasty painting. more »

Dai Xi

Dai Xi was a Chinese painter of the 19th century and representative of the academic manner. His... more »

Damian Elwes

Damian Elwes is a British artist who lives in the United States. His paintings explore themes... more »

Dan Dos Santos

Daniel dos Santos is an artist, illustrator and painter. more »

Dan Henk

Daniel Jonathan Henk is an American artist and writer, noted for his work in tattooing and... more »

Dan Piraro

Daniel Charles Piraro is a painter, illustrator and cartoonist best known for his award-winning... more »

Daniel de Blieck

Daniël de Blieck, was a Dutch Golden Age painter, draughtsman and architect, who specialised in... more »

Daniel du Janerand

Daniel du Janerand was a French painter, muralist, and book illustrator. more »

Daniel Ledwell

Daniel Ledwell is a Canadian musician based in Halifax. He is keyboardist-guitarist for the band... more »

Daniel Louis Rivas

Daniel Louis Rivas is an actor and a screenwriter. more »

Daniel Richter

Daniel Richter is a German artist based in Berlin and Hamburg. more »

Daniel Simmons, Jr.

Daniel 'Danny' Simmons, Jr. is a neo-African abstract expressionist painter and the older... more »

Daniel Vosmaer

Daniel Vosmaer (1622 - 1669/1670) was a Dutch Baroque-era painter. more »

Danielle Mailer

Danielle Mailer is a painter and the daughter of Adele Morales and Norman Mailer. more »

Danijel Žeželj

Danijel Žeželj is a Croatian comic book artist, painter and illustrator and author of a number... more »

Danny Denzongpa

Tshering Phintso "Danny" Denzongpa is an Indian actor of Sikkimese-Bhutia descent, working in... more »

Daoud Corm

Daoud Corm is considered to be the pioneer of painting in Lebanon. Best known as a portrait... more »

Daphne Stevens-Pascucci

Daphne Stevens-Pascucci is costume designer and painter. more »

Dario Cecchi

Dario Cecchi was a costume designer, production designer, painter, writer and film art director. more »

Darragh Park

Darragh Park was an American Artist, and the literary executor of the estate of Pulitzer-prize... more »

Dashi Namdakov

Dashi Namdakov is a production designer. more »

David Avidan

David Avidan was an Israeli "poet, painter, filmmaker, publicist, and playwright". He wrote 20... more »

David Choe

David Choe is an American painter, muralist, graffiti artist and graphic novelist of Korean... more »

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