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Gile Steele

Gile Steele, was a Hollywood costume designer. His career began at MGM in 1938 with one of his... more »

Gillian Ayres

Gillian Ayres, CBE is an English painter. more »

Gillies MacKinnon

Gillies MacKinnon is a Scottish film director, writer and painter. He attended the Glasgow... more »

Gintaras Sodeika

Gintaras Sodeika is a Lithuanian painter, composer and politician. From 2003 to 2008, Sodeika... more »

Giorgio Muggiani

Giorgio Muggiani was a painter and the founder of football club Inter Milan. more »

Giovanni Agostino da Lodi

Giovanni Agostino da Lodi was an Italian painter who was active from c. 1495 to c. 1525. The... more »

Giovanni Baglione

Giovanni Baglione was an Italian Late Mannerist and Early Baroque painter and art historian. He... more »

Giovanni Barrella

Giovanni Barrella was an Italian film actor, writer and painter. more »

Giovanni Battista Buonocore

Giovanni Battista Buonocore was an Italian painter of the Baroque period. He became Rector, then... more »

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, also known as Gianbattista or Giambattista Tiepolo, was an Italian... more »

Giovanni Boldini

Giovanni Boldini was an Italian genre and portrait painter. According to a 1933 article in Time... more »

Giovanni Domenico Ferretti

Giovanni Domenico Ferretti, also called Giandomenico d'Imola was an Italian Rococo style painter... more »

Girolamo da Ponte

Girolamo da Ponte also known as Gerolamo Bassano was an Italian painter of the Renaissance... more »

Giulio Romano

Giulio Romano was an Italian painter and architect. A pupil of Raphael, his stylistic deviations... more »

Giuseppe Castiglione

Giuseppe Castiglione, S.J., was an Italian Jesuit lay brother who served as a missionary in... more »

Giuseppe Ghedini

Giuseppe Ghedini was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, mainly active in Ferrara. Born in... more »

Giuseppe Ghezzi

Giuseppe Ghezzi was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, active mainly in Rome. more »

Giuseppe Zigaina

Giuseppe Zigaina is a painter. more »

Glenn B. Hamm

Glenn Bruce Hamm Jr. was a noted artist who worked and lived in Richmond, Virginia. Hamm taught... more »

Glenn Brown

Glenn Brown is a British artist. He is known for the use of art historical references in his... more »

Glenn Frey

Glenn Lewis Frey is an American musician, singer, songwriter, and actor, best known as a... more »

Glenn O. Coleman

Glenn O. Coleman (1887, Springfield, Ohio - 1932, Long Island, New York) was an American painter... more »

Gloria Stuart

Gloria Frances Stewart, known by the stage name Gloria Stuart, was an American actress,... more »

Gong Xian

Gong Xian was a Chinese painter, the most important of the Eight Masters of Nanjing and the... more »

Gotthold Gloger

Gotthold Gloger was a German writer and painter. more »

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