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H. Bolton Jones

Hugh Bolton Jones (1848-1927) was an American painter. more »

H. R. Giger

Hans Rudolf "Ruedi" Giger is a Swiss surrealist painter, sculptor, and set designer. He was part... more »

Hal Ketchum

Hal Michael Ketchum is an American country music artist. He has released ten studio albums since... more »

Hallgrímur Helgason

Hallgrímur Helgason is an Icelandic painter, novelist, translator, and columnist. more »

Han Gan

Han Gan was a Tang Dynasty painter. He came from a poor family in either Chang'an, modern day... more »

Han van Meegeren

Han van Meegeren, born Henricus Antonius van Meegeren, was a Dutch painter and portraitist and... more »

Hannes Schüpbach

Hannes Schüpbach is a filmmaker, film director and painter. more »

Hans Bock

Hans Bock was a German painter of the 16th century, who flourished at Basle, where he executed... more »

Hans Bolz

Hanns Bolz (1885 - 1918) was a German painter, sculptor, and graphic artist. more »

Hans Gillisz. Bollongier

Hans Gillisz. Bollongier or Boulenger was a Dutch Golden Age still life flower painter. more »

Hans Gude

Hans Fredrik Gude was a Norwegian romanticist painter and is considered along with Johan... more »

Hans Hofmann

Hans Hofmann was a German-born American abstract expressionist painter. more »

Hans Holbein the Younger

Hans Holbein the Younger was a German artist and printmaker who worked in a Northern Renaissance... more »

Hans Memling

Hans Memling was a German-born painter who moved to Flanders and worked in the tradition of... more »

Hans Poelzig

Hans Poelzig was a German architect, painter and set designer. more »

Hans Richter

Hans Richter was a German painter, graphic artist, avant-gardist, film-experimenter and... more »

Hans von Aachen

Hans von Aachen, was a German mannerist painter. more »

Harald Slott-Møller

Harald Slott-Møller was a Danish painter and ceramist. Together with his wife, the painter Agnes... more »

Harald Sohlberg

Harald Oskar Sohlberg was a Norwegian Neo-romantic painter, particularly known for his... more »

Hardie Gramatky

Bernhard August "Hardie" Gramatky, Jr. was an American painter, author, and illustrator. In a... more »

Harmony Hammond

Harmony Hammond is a writer. more »

Harold Baker

Harold Baker was a painter and a comedian. more »

Harriet Sophia Phillips

Harriet Sophia Phillips (1849 - 1928) was an American painter. more »

Harrison Houlé

Harrison Houlé is a painter. more »

Harry Devlin

Harry Devlin was an artist and a painter who also worked as a cartoonist for magazines such as... more »

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