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Zbigniew Czapla

Zbigniew Czapla is a film director, screenwriter, cinematographer, production designer, art... more »

Zbigniew Ziembinski

Zbigniew Ziembinski was an actor, film director, theatre director, teacher, painter and... more »

Zelda Sears

Zelda Sears, née Paldi was an American actress, screenwriter, novelist and businesswoman. more »

Zélie Lardé

Zélie Lardé was a painter. more »

Zena Assi

Zena Assi is a Lebanese Painter. An ALBA Académie libanaise des beaux-arts graduate, Assi lives... more »

Zeng Jing

Zeng Jing; ca. 1564-1647 was a Chinese painter during the Ming Dynasty. He was best known as a... more »

Zerrin Tekindor

Zerrin Tekindor is a Turkish actress and painter. In 1985 she graduated from the Hacettepe... more »


Zeuxis was a painter who was active during the 5th century BC. more »

Zha Shibiao

Zha Shibiao was a landscape painter and calligrapher from Anhui, China. He was affiliated with... more »

Zhan Ziqian

Zhan Ziqian was a famous painter of ancient China from Yangxin county, Shandong province. His... more »

Zhang Lu

Zhang Lu; ca. was a Chinese landscape painter during the Ming Dynasty. Zhang was born in... more »

Zhang Sengyou

Zhang Sengyou was a famous Chinese painter the ink style in Liang Dynasty Wudi's years. His... more »

Zhang Shunzi

Zhang Shunzi, a native Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, was a famed 14th-century Chinese painter,... more »

Zhang Shuqi

Zhāng Shūqí was a Chinese painter from Zhejiang, noted for painting flowers and birds. He... more »

Zhang Wo

Zhang Wo, courtesy name as Shuhou, sobriquet as Zhenqisheng and Jianghaike, is a famed Chinese... more »

Zhang Xuan

Zhang Xuan was a Chinese painter who lived during the Tang Dynasty. Zhang Xuan painted many... more »

Zhang Yan

Zhang Yan, courtesy name as Bomei, sobriquet as Wuzheng Daoren, is a Chinese painter in Ming... more »

Zhang Yin

Zhang Yin was a famed calligrapher and painter of Qing Dynasty China. A native Dantu, he... more »

Zhang Zeduan

Zhang Zeduan, alias Zheng Dao, also sometimes translated as Zhang Zerui, was a famous Chinese... more »

Zhang Zongcang

Zhang Zongcang, courtesy name as Mocun, is a famed Chinese landscape painter in the Qing... more »

Zhao Mengfu

Zhao Mengfu, was a prince and descendant of the Song Dynasty's imperial family, and a Chinese... more »

Zhao Yong

Zhao Yong, was a noted Chinese painter, calligrapher, and poet in the Yuan Dynasty. A native of... more »

Zhao Zhiqian

Zhao Zhiqian was a renowned Chinese calligrapher, seal carver and painter in the late Qing... more »

Zhao Zuo

Zhao Zuo, a native of Huating was a noted Chinese painter in Ming Dynasty. His birth and death... more »

Zheng Keying

Zheng Keying is a painter and wife of actor John Paisley. more »

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