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Alexander Naumov

Alexander Alexandrovich Naumov - Soviet, Russian painter, lived and worked in Saint Petersburg,... more »

Alexander Ney

Alexander Ney is an American sculptor and painter. He immigrated to the United States in 1974... more »

Alexander Nikolayevich Samokhvalov

Alexander Nikolayevich Samokhvalov was a Soviet Russian painter, watercolorist, graphic artist,... more »

Alexander Osmerkin

Alexander Alexandrovich Osmerkin was a Russian painter, graphic artist, stage designer, and art... more »

Alexander Pogrebinsky

Alexander Petrovich Pogrebinsky is a Ukrainian-born American painter, the creator of the school... more »

Alexander Pushnin

Alexander Tikhonovich Pushnin - Soviet, Russian painter, Doctor of Art-criticism, professor of... more »

Alexander Roslin

Alexander Roslin was a Swedish portrait painter who worked in Scania, Bayreuth, Paris, Italy,... more »

Alexander Rossi

Alexander Mark Rossi was a successful British artist specializing in genre works who flourished... more »

Alexander Runciman

Alexander Runciman was a Scottish painter of historical and mythological subjects. He was the... more »

Alexander Samuel MacLeod

Alexander Samuel MacLeod, also known as A. S. MacLeod, was a painter and printmaker. He was born... more »

Alexander Savinov

Alexander Ivanovich Savinov was a Russian and Soviet painter and art educator who lived and... more »

Alexander Semionov

Alexander Mikhailovich Semionov - a Soviet Russian painter living and working in Leningrad,... more »

Alexander Stolbov

Alexander Sergeevich Stolbov . He is a member of the Saint Petersburg Union of Artists (before... more »

Alexander Tatarenko

Alexander Alexandrovich Tatarenko - Soviet, Russian painter, restorer, Art teacher, lived and... more »

Alexander Theobald Van Laer

Alexander Theobald Van Laer was an American painter, born at Auburn, New York. He studied at the... more »

Alexandr Guristyuk

Alexandr Guristyuk is a Ukrainian painter. more »

Alexandr Onishenko

Alexandr Onishenko is an artist based in Prague, Czech Republic. Well known for his vibrant... more »

Alexandra Nechita

Alexandra Nechita is a Romanian and American cubist painter and muralist. more »

Alexandre Antigna

Jean Pierre Alexandre Antigna was a French painter. more »

Alexandre Bida

F. Alexandre Bida was born in Toulouse, France in 1813 and was a painter of the Romantic period. more »

Alexandre Cabanel

Alexandre Cabanel was a French painter born in Montpellier, Hérault. He painted historical,... more »

Alexandre Calame

Alexandre Calame was a Swiss painter. He was born in Arabie at the time belonging to... more »

Alexandre Defaux

Alexandre Defaux was a French artist. He was born in Bercy and studied under Jean-Baptiste-Camill... more »

Alexandre Falguière

Jean Alexandre Joseph Falguière was a French sculptor and painter. more »

Alexandre Grégoire

Alexandre Grégoire was a Haitian painter who typically depicted scenes of Vodou, daily life, and... more »

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