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Alfons Karpiński

Alfons Karpiński was a Polish painter specializing in portraits of women, still-life and foreign... more »

Alfons Schilling

Alfons Schilling was a Swiss painter. more »

Alfons von Czibulka

Alfons Freiherr von Czibulka, or Alfons Cibulka was a Czech-Austrian writer and... more »

Alfons Walde

Alfons Walde, an Austrian from Kitzbühel in Tyrol, was the first artist to successfully bring... more »

Alfonso A. Ossorio

Alfonso A. Ossorio was an abstract expressionist artist who was born in Manila in 1916 to... more »

Alfonso Aldiverti

Alfonso Aldiverti was an Italian painter of the early Baroque period, active mainly in... more »

Alfonso Boschi

Alfonso Boschi was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, active mainly in Florence. He was a... more »

Alfonso Hüppi

Alfonso Hüppi is a Swiss painter. more »

Alfonso Rivarola

Alfonso Rivarola was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, active mainly in Ferrara, where... more »

Alfred Aberdam

Alfred Aberdam was a painter of School of Paris, born in Lviv, capital of Galicia,... more »

Alfred Agache

Alfred-Pierre Joseph Agache, also known simply as Alfred Agache, was a French academic... more »

Alfred Dehodencq

Alfred Dehodencq was a mid-19th century French Orientalist painter born in Paris. He was known... more »

Alfred East

Sir Alfred Edward East was an English painter. more »

Alfred Edward Chalon

Alfred Edward Chalon was a Swiss portrait painter. He lived in London where he was noticed by... more »

Alfred Elmore

Alfred Elmore RA was a Victorian history and genre painter. He was born in Cork, Ireland, the... more »

Alfred Heinrich Pellegrini

Alfred Heinrich Pellegrini was a Swiss painter. more »

Alfred Henry Maurer

Alfred Henry Maurer was an American modernist painter. He exhibited his work in avant-garde... more »

Alfred Jacob Miller

Alfred Jacob Miller was an American painter and sketcher best known for his paintings concerning... more »

Alfred Janes

Alfred George Janes was a Welsh artist, who worked in Swansea and Croydon. He experimented with... more »

Alfred Kubin

Alfred Leopold Isidor Kubin was an Austrian printmaker, illustrator, and occasional writer... more »

Alfred L. Copley

Alfred Lewin Copley was a German-American medical scientist and an artist at the New York School... more »

Alfred Lambourne

Alfred Lambourne is an English-born American artist and author. In the 1860s, he and his family... more »

Alfred Leslie

Alfred Leslie is an American artist and filmmaker. He first achieved success as an Abstract... more »

Alfred Munnings

Sir Alfred James Munnings KCVO, PRA was known as one of England's finest painters of horses, and... more »

Alfred Ost

Alfred Ost was a Belgian artist. In 1920 he won a bronze medal in the art competitions of the... more »

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