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Alonso Miguel de Tovar

Alonso Miguel de Tovar, sometimes called Tobar was a Spanish baroque painter, appointed court... more »

Alonso Sánchez Coello

Alonso Sánchez Coello was a Spanish portrait painter, of Portuguese origin, of the Spanish... more »

Alonso Vázquez

Alonso Vázquez was a Spanish sculptor and painter of the Renaissance period. Vázquez was born in... more »

Alonzo Cano

Alonzo Cano or Alonso Cano was a Spanish painter, architect and sculptor born in Granada. He... more »

Aloys Wach

Aloys Wach or Aloys Ludwig Wachelmayr was an Austrian expressionist painter and graphic artist... more »

Aloys Zötl

Aloys Zötl was an Austrian painter and master dyer. more »

Aloysius O'Kelly

Aloysius O'Kelly was an Irish painter. more »

Alphaeus Philemon Cole

Alphaeus Philemon Cole was an American artist, engraver and etcher. He was born in Jersey City,... more »

Alphonse Colas

Alphonse-Victor Colas was a French painter. more »

Alphonse Legros

Alphonse Legros, was a French painter, etcher, sculptor, and medallist. His father was an... more »

Alphonse Maureau

Louis Alphonse Maureau born in New Orleans, was a Franco-American Impressionist painter. more »

Alphonse Mucha

Alfons Maria Mucha, often known in English and French as Alphonse Mucha, was a Czech Art Nouveau... more »

Alphonse Osbert

Alphonse Osbert was a French Symbolist painter. Educated at the École des Beaux-Arts, his... more »

Alphonse-Marie-Adolphe de Neuville

Alphonse de Neuville was a French Academic painter who studied under Eugène Delacroix. His... more »

Alson S. Clark

Alson S. Clark was an American Impressionist painter best remembered for his impressionist... more »


Altichiero da Verona, also called Aldighieri da Zevio, was an Italian painter of the Gothic... more »

Altobello Melone

Altobello Melone was an Italian painter of the Renaissance. more »

Altoon Sultan

Altoon Sultan born in Brooklyn New York in 1948, is a Vermont-based artist and author who... more »

Alvan Fisher

Alvan Fisher was one of the United States's pioneers in landscape painting and genre works. more »

Alvaro Cartei

Alvaro Cartei was an Italian painter and ceramist. more »

Álvaro Guevara

Álvaro Guevara was a painter, based in London and loosely associated with the Bloomsbury set. He... more »

Alvin D. Loving

Alvin D. Loving Jr. was an African-American abstract expressionist and painter. His work is... more »

Alvin Hollingsworth

Alvin C. Hollingsworth, whose pseudonyms included Alvin Holly, was an African-American painter... more »

Alvise Vivarini

Alvise or Luigi Vivarini, was an Italian painter, the leading Venetian artist before Giovanni... more »

Alyona Azernaya

Alyona Azernaya, born March 9, 1966, Ekaterinburg, Russia is a contemporary Russian naïve... more »

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