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Abraham Bloemaert

Abraham Bloemaert was a Dutch painter and printmaker in etching and engraving. He was one of the... more »

Abraham Brueghel

Abraham Brueghel was a Flemish painter from the famous family of artists. He was the son of Jan... more »

Abraham Diepraam

Abraham Diepraam, or Diepraem, was a Dutch Golden Age painter. more »

Abraham Genoels

Abraham Genoels II, was a Flemish Baroque painter. more »

Abraham Govaerts

Abraham Govaerts was a Flemish Baroque painter who specialized in small cabinet-sized forest... more »

Abraham Hondius

Abraham Danielsz. Hondius was a Dutch Golden Age painter known his depictions of animals. He was... more »

Abraham Janssens

Abraham Janssens van Nuyssen was a Flemish Baroque painter. He was born at Antwerp, in a year... more »

Abraham Lambertsz van den Tempel

Abraham van den Tempel was a Dutch Golden Age painter. more »

Abraham Mauricio Salazar

Abraham Mauricio Salazar is a Nahuatl Indian artist, living in Oaxaca, Mexico. For most of his... more »

Abraham Mignon

Abraham Mignon or Minjon, was a Dutch golden age painter, specialized in flower bouquets. more »

Abraham Rattner

Abraham Rattner was an American artist, best known for his richly colored paintings, often with... more »

Abraham Storck

Abraham Storck, was a Dutch landscape and maritime painter of the Baroque era. Storck was born... more »

Abraham Straski

Abraham Straski was a Polish born painter who moved to the United States after surviving the... more »

Abraham Walkowitz

Abraham Walkowitz was an American painter grouped in with early American Modernists working in... more »

Abraham Yakin

Abraham Yakin is an Israeli artist. Abraham Yakin was born in Jerusalem. During the Second World... more »

Abram Grushko

Abram Borisovich Grushko – Soviet Russian painter, art teacher, lived and worked in Leningrad, a... more »

Achille Calici

Achille Calici was an Italian painter of the late Renaissance, and early Baroque. He was born in... more »

Achille Devéria

Achille Jacques-Jean-Marie Devéria was a French painter and lithographer known for his portraits... more »

Achille Etna Michallon

Achille Etna Michallon was a French painter. Michallon was the son of the sculptor Claude... more »

Achille Leonardi

Achille Leonardi was a 19th-century Italian artist. Leonardi painted with oil on canvas. more »

Ad Reinhardt

Adolph Frederick Reinhardt was an Abstract painter active in New York beginning in the 1930s and... more »

Adam Beck

Adam Beck is a plein air artist. and owner of Robert Beck Gallery in San Anselmo, California. more »

Adam Dario Keel

Adam Dario Keel is a Swiss artist. more »

Adam de Coster

Adam de Coster was a Flemish Baroque painter working under the influence of Caravaggism. more »

Adam Elsheimer

Adam Elsheimer was a German artist working in Rome who died at only thirty-two, but was very... more »