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Ippolito Costa

Ippolito Costa was an Italian painter of the Renaissance period. He was born in Mantua, the son... more »

Ippolito Galantini

Ippolito Galantini called II Cappucino, and sometimes II Prete Genovese, was an Italian painter... more »

Irakli Ochiauri

Irakli Ochiauri is a prominent Georgian painter and sculptor that holds the Shota Rustaveli... more »

Irena Kazazić

Irena Kazazić is a Slovenian painter and writer of Serbian descent. Kazazić has graduated in... more »

Irena Trečiokaitė-Žebenkienė

Irena Trečiokaitė-Žebenkienė was a Lithuanian painter. more »

Irene di Spilimbergo

Irene di Spilimbergo was a female Italian Renaissance painter. more »

Irène Zurkinden

Irène Zurkinden was a Swiss painter. more »

Irina Baldina

Irina Mikhailovna Baldina - Soviet Russian painter, lived and worked in Leningrad, a member of... more »

Irina Dobrekova

Irina Mikhailovna Dobrekova - Soviet Russian painter, Graphic artist, living and working in... more »

Irving Kriesberg

Irving Kriesberg was an American painter whose work combined elements of Abstract Expressionism... more »

Irving Ramsey Wiles

Irving Ramsey Wiles was an American artist, born in Utica, New York. more »

Irwin Crosthwait

Irwin Crosthwait, was a Canadian painter best known for his role as a fashion illustrator. more »

Iryna Zhychuk

Iryna Zhychuk – Ukrainian painter and designer. Winner of Ukrainian Art Week. Participant of... more »

Isaac Grünewald

Isaac Grünewald was a Swedish-Jewish expressionist painter born in Stockholm. He was the leading... more »

Isaac Levitan

Isaac Ilyich Levitan was a classical Russian landscape painter who advanced the genre of the... more »

Isaac Oliver

Isaac Oliver was a French-born English portrait miniature painter. more »

Isaac Soyer

Isaac Soyer was a social realist painter and often portrayed working-class people of New York... more »

Isaac van Ostade

Isaac van Ostade was a Dutch genre and landscape painter. more »

Isaac van Swanenburg

Isaak Nicolai or Isaac Claesz van Swanenburg was a Dutch Renaissance painter and glazier active... more »

Isaak Brodsky

Isaak Izrailevich Brodsky, was a Soviet painter whose work provided a blueprint for the art... more »

Isabel Bishop

Isabel Bishop was an American painter and graphic artist, who produced numerous paintings and... more »

Isabel Rawsthorne

Isabel Rawsthorne, also known as Isabel Lambert, was a British painter, designer and occasional... more »

Isabelle de Borchgrave

Isabelle de Borchgrave is a prominent Belgian artist and sculptor, best known for her colorful... more »

Isami Doi

Isami Doi was an American printmaker and painter. He was born on the island of Oahu in the... more »

Isidor Kaufmann

Isidor Kaufmann was an Austro-Hungarian painter of Jewish themes. Having devoted his career to... more »

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