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Marshall Merritt

Marshall Everett Merritt was an American artist. An impressionist painter, he specialized in... more »

Marshall P. Baron

Marshall P. Baron was a Rhodesian painter. In 1967 he was awarded a scholarship to the Skowhegan... more »

Marten de Vos

Marten de Vos, also Maarten, was a leading Antwerp painter and draughtsman in the late sixteenth... more »

Martha Walter

Martha Walter was an American impressionist painter. Walter was a Philadelphia native. She... more »

Martin Benka

Martin Benka was a Slovak painter and illustrator. He is regarded as the founder of Modernist... more »

Martin Disteli

Martin Disteli was a Swiss painter. more »

Martin Johnson Heade

Martin Johnson Heade was a prolific American painter known for his salt marsh landscapes,... more »

Martín Malharro

Martín Malharro was an Argentine painter of the Post-impressionist school. more »

Martin Maloney

Martin Maloney is a contemporary English artist. more »

Martín Rico

Martín Rico was a Spanish painter. Rico was one of the most important artists of the second half... more »

Martin Ryckaert

Martin Ryckaert, also Maerten or Marten Rijkaert was a Flemish painter who was known for his... more »

Martin Saar

Martin Saar is an artist settled in New York. He is notable for making mosaic portraits of the... more »

Martin Snape

Martin Snape was an English painter who worked in a variety of media. He concentrated mainly on... more »

Martin van Meytens

Martin van Meytens was a Dutch-Swedish painter who painted members of the royal Court of Austria... more »

Martina Krupičková

Martina Krupičková is a Czech artist who paints in the impressionist style. more »

Martina Schettina

Martina Schettina is an Austrian artist. more »

Martino Cignaroli

Martino Cignaroli was an Italian painter of the Baroque period. Also called il Veronese, he was... more »

Martinus Rørbye

Martinus Christian Wesseltoft Rørbye was a Danish painter, known both for genre works and... more »

Martiros Saryan

Martiros Saryan was an Armenian painter, the founder of the Armenian national school of painting. more »

Marvin Cone

Marvin Cone was an American painter in the regionalist style. Cone was born in Cedar Rapids,... more »

Mary Baker

Mary Baker was an English painter of portraits and portrait miniatures. She was born in London... more »

Mary Beale

Mary Beale was an English portrait painter. She became one of the most important portrait... more »

Mary Beth McKenzie

Mary Beth McKenzie, N.A. is an American painter of contemporary figures in the realism style... more »

Mary Cassatt

Mary Stevenson Cassatt was an American painter and printmaker. She lived much of her adult life... more »

Mary Curtis Richardson

Mary Curtis Richardson was an impressionist painter and known as the "Mary Cassatt of the West"... more »

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