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Mungo Martin

Chief Mungo Martin or Nakapenkem, Datsa, was an important figure in Northwest Coast style art,... more »

Murray Devlin

Murray Devlin was a painter who blended images from the natural world with text to create works... more »

Mya Thaung

Mya Thaung is a Burmese painter. Born in Bogalay, he studied at the State School of Fine Art in... more »

Myfanwy Pavelic

Myfanwy Pavelic, CM, OBC, CPA, née Spencer, was a Canadian portrait artist. more »

Mykhaylo Khmelko

Mykhailo Ivanovych Khmelko was a Ukrainian painter, People's Artist of the Ukrainian SSR, and... more »

Mykola Burachek

Mykola Burachek was a Ukrainian Impressionist painter and pedagogue. Burachek studied in Kiev... more »

Mykola Pymonenko

Mykola Kornylovych Pymonenko, sometimes spelled Pimonenko was a Ukrainian painter. One of the... more »

Mykola Shmatko

Mykola Havrylovych Shmatko is a contemporary Ukrainian amateur sculptor, painter. He was born in... more »

Mykolas Dluskis

Mykolas Dluskis was a Lithuanian painter. From 1777 to 1784, he studied in Warsaw and Vilnius in... more »

Mym Tuma

Born in Berwyn, Illinois, Mym Tuma aka Marilynn Thuma, studied at Northwestern University in... more »

Myra Landau

Myra Landau is an artist and painter involved in art research. Though born in Bucharest,... more »