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Marianne von Werefkin

Marianne von Werefkin, born Marianna Wladimirowna Werewkina, was a Russian-Swiss Expressionist... more »

Mariano Riccio

Mariano Riccio was an Italian painter of the Renaissance period. He was born at Messina, and... more »

Marie Bouliard

Marie-Geneviève Bouliard was a French artist who primarily painted portraits. more »

Marie Bracquemond

Marie Bracquemond was a French Impressionist artist described retrospectively by Henri Focillon... more »

Marie Ellenrieder

Anna Marie Ellenrieder was a German painter. She was born in Konstanz, Germany, the daughter of... more »

Marie Laurencin

Marie Laurencin was a French painter and printmaker. more »

Marie Triepcke Krøyer Alfvén

Marie Triepcke Krøyer Alfvén, commonly known as Marie Krøyer, was a Danish painter. She was born... more »

Marie Vassilieff

Mariya Ivanovna Vassiliéva, better known as Marie Vassilieff, was a Russian Empire painter. She... more »

Marie Vorobieff

Marie Bronislava Vorobieff-Stebelska, also known as Marevna, was a Russian-born Cubist painter... more »

Marie Weaver

Marie Weaver is an American artist who specializes in printmaking, book arts, painting, and... more »

Marie-Abraham Rosalbin de Buncey

Marie-Abraham Rosalbin de Buncey was a French 19th-century landscape, allegorical and figure... more »

Marie-Claire Baldenweg

Marie-Claire Baldenweg is a Swiss–Australian contemporary artist. more »

Marie-Denise Villers

Marie-Denise Villers was a French painter, who specialized in portraits. more »

Marie-Élisabeth Laville-Leroux

Marie-Élisabeth Laville-Leroux was a French painter. Like her sister, Marie-Guillemine Benoist,... more »

Marie-Guillemine Benoist

Marie-Guillemine Benoist, born Marie-Guillemine de Laville-Leroux, was a French neoclassical,... more »

Marie-Louise von Motesiczky

Marie-Louise von Motesiczky was an Austrian painter. more »

Marie-Mathilde Ducatillon-Sauthier

Marie-Mathilde Ducatillon-Sauthier, besser bekannt unter ihren Initialen MMDS ist eine Schweizer... more »

Marie-Philippe Coupin de la Couperie

Marie-Philippe Coupin de la Couperie was a French painter of the Troubadour style. He was a... more »

Marie-Suzanne Giroust

Marie-Suzanne Giroust, Madame Roslin was a French painter, miniaturist and pastellist. She was a... more »

Marie-Victoire Lemoine

Marie-Victoire Lemoine was a French painter. Born in Paris, where she also died, she was a... more »

Marietta Robusti

Marietta Robusti was a female Venetian painter of the Renaissance period. She is one of very few... more »

Marija Bankauskaitė

Marija Bankauskaitė was a Lithuanian ceramics artist. more »

Marija Dūdienė

Marija Dūdienė is a Lithuanian painter. more »

Marija Mačiulienė

Marija Mačiulienė is a Lithuanian painter. Her 1962 mosaic is featured at the entrance to... more »

Marijan Trepše

Marijan Trepše was a Croatian painter, graphic artist and set designer, considered to be one of... more »