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Marina Kozlovskaya

Marina Andreevna Kozlovskaya – a Soviet Russian painter, living and working in Leningrad – Saint... more »

Marina Skugareva

Marina Skugareva is a Ukrainian painter. She is one of the representatives of "a new Ukrainian... more »

Marino Tartaglia

Marino Tartaglia was a Croatian painter and art teacher, for many years a professor at the... more »

Marinus van Reymerswaele

Marinus Claeszoon van Reymerswaele was a Dutch painter. He received later the name of the city... more »

Mario Balassi

Mario Balassi was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, active in Florence and Rome. He... more »

Mario Carreño Morales

Mario Carreño y Morales was a Cuban painter. He studied painting at the Academia de San... more »

Mário Cesariny de Vasconcelos

Mário Cesariny de Vasconcelos also known as Mário Cesariny is among the most important... more »

Mário Eloy

Mário Eloy was a Portuguese expressionist painter. Eloy was born in Lisbon. His style shows the... more »

Mario Mafai

Mario Mafai was an Italian painter. With his wife Antonietta Raphaël he founded the modern art... more »

Mario Martinez

Mario Martinez is a contemporary abstract painter. He is a Native American artist who is a... more »

Mario Maskareli

Mario Maskareli, a Yugoslav painter, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade,... more »

Mario Minniti

Mario Minniti was an Italian artist active in Sicily after 1606. Born in Syracuse, Sicily, he... more »

Mario Nuzzi

Mario Nuzzi, or Mario de' Fiori was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, active mainly in... more »

Mario Radice

Mario Radice was an Italian painter born in Como. He is considered to be an important Italian... more »

Mario Righetti

Mario Righetti was an Italian painter of the Baroque period. He was born at Bologna He became a... more »

Mario Robinson

Mario Andres Robinson is an American painter, pastellist, and draftsman. Born and raised in... more »

Mario Schifano

Mario Schifano was an Italian painter and collagist of the Postmodern tradition. He also... more »

Mario Sironi

Mario Sironi was an Italian modernist artist who was active as a painter, sculptor, illustrator,... more »

Mario Spinetti

Mario Spinetti was an Italian painter, whose works depict mythologic, Neo-Pompeian, and sacred... more »

Mario Titi

Mario Titi is a painter of the Roman and Castelli Romani artistic scene of the 20th century; his... more »

Mario Urteaga Alvarado

Urteaga Alvarado, Mario was a Peruvian painter. He originally worked as a painter, photographer... more »

Mario Zanini

Mario Zanini, or simply Zanini, was a Brazilian painter and interior designer. He was born in a... more »

Marion H. Beckett

Marion H. Beckett (1886-1949) was an American painter. more »

Marion Koogler McNay

Marion Koogler McNay, was an American painter and art teacher who inherited a substantial oil... more »

Marion Peck

Marion Peck is a pop surrealist painter based in the United States. more »