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Natalia Goncharova

Natalia Sergeevna Goncharova was a Russian avant-garde artist, painter, costume designer,... more »

Natalia Pankova

Natalia Pankova is a Russian artist, art manager; member of the Russian Union of Artists.,... more »

Natalie Hays Hammond

Natalie Hays Hammond was an American artist, author, and inventor. She worked in the fields of... more »

Natalie Holland

Natalie Radina Holland is a Russian-born contemporary artist, formerly based in Norway and now... more »

Natasha Wescoat

Natasha Wescoat is a Detroit-based painter, known for her distinctive, whimsical swirling... more »

Nathan Altman

Nathan Isaevich Altman was a Jewish, Russian and Soviet avant-garde artist, Cubist painter,... more »

Nathan Greene

Nathan Greene is a contemporary American artist and painter. While Bill Frist was the Senate... more »

Nathan Oliveira

Nathan Oliveira was an American painter, printmaker, and sculptor, born in Oakland, California... more »

Nathaniel Bacon

Sir Nathaniel Bacon KB was a painter and landowner from Culford, Suffolk, England. Only 9 of his... more »

Nathaniel Dance-Holland

Sir Nathaniel Dance-Holland, 1st Baronet RA was a notable English portrait painter and later a... more »

Nathaniel Everett Green

Nathaniel Everett Green was an English painter, art teacher and astronomer. He professionally... more »

Nathaniel Grogan

Nathaniel Grogan was an Irish painter from Cork. more »

Nathaniel Hill

Nathaniel Hill was an Irish impressionist. Hill studied at the Metropolitan school in Dublin... more »

Nathaniel Hone the Elder

Nathaniel Hone RA was an Irish-born portrait and miniature painter, and one of the founder... more »

Nathaniel Jocelyn

Nathaniel Jocelyn was an American painter. He was born in New Haven, Connecticut, the son of a... more »

Nathaniel Milljour

Nathaniel Milljour is a self-taught Canadian artist, painter and sculptor from Calgary, Alberta,... more »

Natta Konysheva

Natta Konysheva — Painter. more »

Nazir Nabaa

Nazir Nabaa is a Syrian painter. A pioneer of modern Syrian art, he studied art in Cairo from... more »

Nazmi Ziya Güran

Nazmi Ziya Güran was a Turkish impressionist painter. more »

Neemija Arbitblatas

Neemija Arbitblatas was a Lithuanian painter. more »

Neil Cox

Neil W. Cox is a British wildlife artist. Born in Watford, Cox was always interested in... more »

Neil Faulkner

Neil Faulkner is a British realist painter. He lives and works in the United Kingdom, and... more »

Neil Lawson Baker

Neil Lawson Baker is a British artist, sculptor and photographer. more »

Neil Shawcross

Neil Shawcross MBE is an artist born in Kearsley, Lancashire, England, and resident in Northern... more »

Neil Welliver

Neil Gavin Welliver was an American-born modern artist, best known for his large-scale landscape... more »

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