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Philip van Dijk

Philip van Dijk was an 18th-century painter from the Northern Netherlands more »

Philip Wilson Steer

Philip Wilson Steer OM was a British painter of landscape and occasional portraits and figure... more »

Philipp Otto Runge

Philipp Otto Runge was a Romantic German painter and draughtsman. He made a late start to his... more »

Philipp Peter Roos

Philipp Peter Roos, was a German Baroque painter. more »

Philipp Veit

Philipp Veit was a German Romantic painter. To Veit is due the credit of having been the first... more »

Philippe de Champaigne

Philippe de Champaigne was a Brabançon-born French Baroque era painter, a major exponent of the... more »

Philippe Mercier

Philippe Mercier was a French painter and etcher, who lived principally and was active in... more »

Philippe-Auguste Hennequin

Philippe-Auguste Hennequin was a French history painter and portraitist. A student of the Swede... more »

Philips Wouwerman

Philips Wouwerman was a Dutch painter of hunting, landscape and battle scenes. more »

Phillip Hefferton

Phillip Hefferton was an American pop artist from Detroit, Michigan, known for his paintings of... more »

Philopoemen Constantinidi

Philopoemen Constantinidi or Caracosta was a Greek painter and engraver. more »

Photios Kontoglou

Photios Kontoglou was a Greek writer, painter and icon painter. more »

Phyllis Pearsall

Phyllis Isobella Pearsall MBE was a British painter and writer who founded the Geographers' A-Z... more »

Phyllis Wiener

Phyllis Wiener was an American painter. Wiener was one of the first female artists to embrace... more »

Pia Fries

Pia Fries is a Swiss painter. Fries was born in Beromunster, Switzerland and studied sculpture... more »

Pia Ranslet

Pia Ranslet is a Danish painter and sculptor. more »

Piat Sauvage

Piat Joseph Sauvage was a Belgian painter. Piat's father, Antoine, was a glass cutter. Piat... more »

Pier Angelo Basili

Pier Angelo Basili was an Italian painter of the 16th century Renaissance period. He was born in... more »

Pier Antonio Bernabei

Pier Antonio Bernabei was an Italian painter also known as Della Casa. A native of Parma, Pier... more »

Pier Antonio Mezzastris

Pier Antonio Mezzastris was an Italian painter, belonging to the Umbrian school of... more »

Pier Francesco Battistelli

Pier Francesco Battistelli was an Italian painter active in the early-Baroque period, mainly in... more »

Pier Francesco d'Jacopo di Domenico Toschi

Pier Francesco d'Jacopo di Domenico Toschi was an Italian painter. He was the son of a painter,... more »

Pier Francesco Foschi

Pier Francesco Foschi was an Italian painter active in Florence in a Mannerist style. He was... more »

Pier Francesco Guala

Pier Francesco Guala, also known as Pierfrancesco and Pietro Francesco, was an... more »

Pier Francesco Mazzucchelli

Pier Francesco Mazzucchelli was an Italian painter of the early Baroque era in Milan. He was... more »

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