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Pier Francesco Mola

Pier Francesco Mola, called Il Ticinese was an Italian painter of the High Baroque, mainly... more »

Pier Francesco Prina

Pier Francesco Prina was an Italian painter. He was a native of Novara. He was living in 1718. more »

Pier Francesco Sacchi

Pier-Francesco Sacchi was an Italian painter of the Renaissance period. Born in Pavia, he worked... more »

Pier Leone Ghezzi

Pier Leone Ghezzi was an Italian Rococo painter and caricaturist active in Rome. more »

Pier Lorenzo Spoleti

Pier Lorenzo Spoleti was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, active mainly in his natal... more »

Pier Maria Pennacchi

Pier Maria Pennacchi was an Italian Renaissance painter primarily active in Treviso. His one... more »

Pier Martire Armani

Pier Martire Armani was an Italian painter of the Baroque period. He was born and worked in... more »

Pierfrancesco Cittadini

Pierfrancesco Cittadini was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, active mainly in Bologna... more »

Piermaria Bagnadore

Piermaria Bagnadore, also called Pietro Maria Bagnatori, was an Italian painter and architect of... more »

Piermaria Porettano

Piermaria Porettano was an Italian painter of Bologna, who trained with Ludovico Carracci. more »

Piero da Rimini

Piero da Rimini lived in the early part of the 14th century, and is the author of a Crucifixion... more »

Piero del Pollaiolo

Piero del Pollaiolo, also known as Piero Benci, was an Italian Renaissance painter from... more »

Piero della Francesca

Piero della Francesca was a painter of the Early Renaissance. As testified by Giorgio Vasari in... more »

Piero di Cosimo

Piero di Cosimo, also known as Piero di Lorenzo, was an Italian Renaissance painter. more »

Piero di Puccio

Piero di Puccio was a fourteenth-century Italian painter of the Gothic period, active mainly in... more »

Pierre Auguste Cot

Pierre Auguste Cot was a French painter of the Academic Classicism school. more »

Pierre Bonnard

Pierre Bonnard was a French painter and printmaker, as well as a founding member of Les Nabis. more »

Pierre Brissaud

Pierre Brissaud was a French Art Deco illustrator, painter, and engraver whose father was... more »

Pierre Carron

Pierre Carron is a French sculptor and painter. Born in Fécamp, Normandy, France, he primarily... more »

Pierre Cayol

Pierre Cayol is a French contemporary painter. more »

Pierre Charles Baquoy

Pierre Charles Baquoy was a French painter and engraver, known for depictions of famous... more »

Pierre Haubensak

Pierre Haubensak is a painter from Meiringen, Switzerland. more »

Pierre L'Enfant

Pierre L'Enfant was a French painter. Born at Anet, L'Enfant was Charles Parrocel's student and... more »

Pierre Lamo

Pierre Lamo was an Italian painter mainly of histories. He was a pupil of Innocenzo da Imola. He... more »

Pierre Laprade

Pierre Laprade (1875-1931) was a French painter and illustrator. more »

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