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Pellegrino Ascani

Ascani Pellegrino was an Italian painter of the 17th century. Born in Carpi and active in... more »

Pellegrino da San Daniele

Pellegrino da San Daniele was an Italian painter in the late-Quattrocento and Renaissance... more »

Pellegrino Piola

Pellegrino Piola was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, active in Genoa. He was born in... more »

Pellegrino Tibaldi

Pellegrino Tibaldi, also known as Pellegrino di Tibaldo de Pellegrini, was an Italian mannerist... more »

Penry Williams

Penry Williams was a Welsh artist who spent most of his life in Rome. more »

Per Ekström

Per Ekström was a Swedish landscape painter. Ekström was born on the Swedish island Öland. He... more »

Pere Borrell del Caso

Pere Borrell del Caso was a Spanish Catalan painter, illustrator and engraver, best known for... more »

Périclès Pantazis

Périclès Pantazis was a major Greek impressionist painter of the 19th century that gained a... more »

Petar Dobrović

Petar Dobrović was a famous Serbian painter and politician born in Austro-Hungarian Empire. A... more »

Petar Lubarda

Petar Lubarda was a Serbian painter, considered to be an influential figure on post-war painting... more »

Petar Omčikus

Petar Omčikus, Sušak, October 6, 1926 is a Serbian painter and member of the Serbian Academy of... more »

Petar Tale

Petar Tale is a Norwegian painter. He was born Petar Pavicevic in Montenegro but has been living... more »

Pete Gilbert

Pete Gilbert is a British painter and graphic designer. Gilbert has become well known for his... more »

Pete McKee

Pete McKee is a painter and commercial artist from Sheffield, England. He is a cartoonist for... more »

Peter Alfred Gross

Peter Alfred Gross was an American landscape painter known primarily for his French seascapes... more »

Peter Barrett

Peter Barrett designed and provided the artwork for a set of United Kingdom postage stamps... more »

Peter Birkhäuser

Peter Birkhäuser was a Swiss poster artist, portraitist, and visionary painter, noted for his... more »

Peter Birmann

Peter Birmann was a Swiss painter. The painter Samuel Birmann was his son. more »

Peter Blume

Peter Blume was an American painter and sculptor. His work contained elements of folk art,... more »

Peter Booth

Peter Booth is an Australian figurative and a surrealist painter, and one of the key... more »

Peter Churcher

Peter Churcher is an Australian artist. He paints portraits and figures in a realistic style. more »

Peter Danckerts de Rij

Pieter, Peeter, or Peter Danckerts de Rij, Dankers de Ry, or Peteris Dankersas was a Dutch... more »

Peter De Wint

Peter De Wint was an English landscape painter. A number of his pictures are in the National... more »

Peter Doig

Peter Doig is a Scottish painter. Since 2002 he has lived in Trinidad. In 2007, his painting... more »

Peter Fendi

Peter Fendi was an Austrian court painter, portrait and genre painter, engraver, and... more »

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