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Roman Artymowski

Roman Artymowski was a Polish painter. more »

Roman Opałka

Roman Opałka was a French-born Polish painter. Opałka was born on August 27, 1931, in... more »

Roman Turovsky-Savchuk

Roman Mikhailovich Turovsky-Savchuk is an American painter and lutenist-composer born in... more »

Roman Zakrzewski

Roman Zakrzewski is a Polish painter. A graduate of artistic high school in Bielsko-Biała and... more »

Romare Bearden

Romare Bearden was an African-American artist and writer. He worked in several media including... more »

Romas Dalinkevičius

Romas Dalinkevičius was a Lithuanian painter. more »

Romeo Niram

Romeo Niram is a figurative painter of Jewish origin. currently living and working in Madrid, Spain. more »

Romeo Villalva Tabuena

Romeo Villalva Tabuena is a Filipino painter and printmaker who was born in Iloilo City. He... more »

Romero Britto

Romero Britto is a Brazilian Neo-pop artist, painter, serigrapher, and sculptor. He combines... more »

Romeyn de Hooghe

Romeyn de Hooghe was an important and prolific late Dutch Baroque, painter, sculptor, engraver... more »

Romualdas Lankauskas

Romualdas Lankauskas is a Lithuanian writer, playwright and painter. more »

Romulo Cincinato

Romulo Cincinato was an Italian painter of the Renaissance period, active in Spain after 1567... more »

Ron Kleemann

Ron Kleemann is an American Photorealist. Kleemann has been recognized as one of the original... more »

Ron Laboray

Ron Laboray is a visual artist best known for conceptual art and painting. [[File:#4 ron laboray... more »

Ronald Davis

Ronald Davis, a.k.a. Ron Davis, is an American painter whose work is associated with Geometric... more »

Ronan Barrot

Ronan Barrot, n le 13 fvrier 1973 en Bretagne, est un peintre figuratif franais. Il peint des... more »

Ronnie Landfield

Ronnie Landfield is an American abstract painter. During his early career from the mid-1960s... more »

Rooma Mehra

Rooma Mehra is an Indian poet, painter, sculptor, freelance newspaper writer and a columnist for... more »

Rosa Bonheur

Rosa Bonheur, born Marie-Rosalie Bonheur, was a French animalière, realist artist, and sculptor... more »

Rosa Mayreder

Rosa Mayreder was an Austrian freethinker, author, painter, musician and feminist. She was the... more »

Rosa Schweninger

Rosa Schweninger was a well-known Austrian female artist of the late 19th century. She was a... more »

Rosalba Carriera

Rosalba Carriera was a Venetian Rococo painter. In her younger years, she specialized in... more »

Rose Maynard Barton

Rose Mary Barton R.W.S. was an Anglo-Irish artist, a watercolourist who painted landscape,... more »

Rose-Adélaïde Ducreux

Rose-Adélaïde Ducreux was a French painter and musician. Eldest daughter of Joseph Ducreux, with... more »

Rosemary Cove

Rosemary Cove is an American sculptor. She was born on January 11, 1936, in New York... more »

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