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Wouter Crabeth I

Wouter Pietersz Crabeth, was a Dutch Renaissance glass painter. He was employed by the Janskerk... more »

Wouter Crabeth II

Wouter Pietersz. Crabeth II was a Dutch Golden Age painter. more »

Wouterus Verschuur

Wouterus Verschuur was a Dutch painter of animal subjects – mainly horses – and of landscapes... more »

Wyatt Eaton

Wyatt Eaton, baptised Charles Wyatt Eaton, was a Canadian/American portrait and figure painter,... more »

Wybrand de Geest

Wybrand Simonsz. de Geest was a Dutch Golden Age portrait painter from Friesland. more »

Wyke Bayliss

Sir Wyke Bayliss was a British painter, author and poet. He almost exclusively painted interiors... more »


Robert Wyland, known simply as Wyland, is an artist best known for painting large, outdoor... more »

Wyndham Lewis

Percy Wyndham Lewis was an English painter and author. He was a co-founder of the Vorticist... more »

Wynford Dewhurst

Wynford Dewhurst, R.B.A. was an English Impressionist painter and important writer on art. He... more »

Władysław Bakałowicz

Władysław Bakałowicz was a Polish painter. more »

Władysław Hasior

Władysław Hasior was one of the leading Polish contemporary sculptors connected with the Podhale... more »

Władysław Malecki

Władysław Malecki was a Polish painter. more »

Władysław Podkowiński

Władysław Podkowiński was a Polish master painter and illustrator associated with the Young... more »

Władysław Ślewiński

Władysław Ślewiński was a Polish painter. He was one of Gauguin's students and a leading artist... more »

Władysław Strzemiński

Władysław Strzemiński was a Polish avant-garde painter of international renown. During the 1920s... more »

Władysław T. Benda

Władysław Teodor "W.T." Benda was a Polish-American painter, illustrator, and designer. The son... more »

Włodzimierz Antkowiak

Włodzimierz Antkowiak is a Polish poet and painter. more »

Włodzimierz Bartoszewicz

Włodzimierz Bartoszewicz was a Polish painter. He was born in Lviv. more »

Włodzimierz Zakrzewski

Włodzimierz Zakrzewski was a Polish painter, graphician and poster artist. He was a professor of... more »

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