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Jack Horner

John R. "Jack" Horner is an American paleontologist who discovered and named Maiasaura,... more »

James Hall

James Hall was a geologist and mountaineer. more »

Jeremy Jackson

Jeremy Jackson appeared in the 2007 film The 11th Hour. more »

John Bell Hatcher

John Bell Hatcher was an American paleontologist and fossil hunter best known for discovering... more »

John Campbell Merriam

John Campbell Merriam was an American paleontologist. The first vertebrate paleontologist on the... more »

Jukka Jernvall

Jukka Jernvall is a Finnish evolutionary biologist in the field of evo-devo research. His... more »

Jørn Hurum

Jørn Harald Hurum is a Norwegian paleontologist and popularizer of science. He is a vertebrate... more »

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