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Manolo Badrena

Manolo Badrena is a percussionist most noted for his work with Weather Report from 1976 to 1977... more »

Marc Anderson

Marc Anderson is an American percussionist who has toured and recorded with Steve Tibbetts since... more »

Marc Quiñones

Marc Quiñones is a percussionist, a longtime player in salsa music, and a member of the Southern... more »

Marcos J. Reyes

Marcos Reyes has been a percussionist with the funk group War since 1998. A native of Lamont,... more »

Marcos Suzano

Marcos Suzano is a Brazilian percussionist, famous for playing with many Brazilian and... more »

Marcus Malone

Marcus "The Magnificent" Malone is a percussionist and original member of the Latin rock band... more »

Mario Mutis

Mario Mutis is the bass player in the Chilean progressive rock-folk band Los Jaivas. more »

Mario Paternina

Mario Paternina is a percussionist. more »

Mark Beckett

Mark Beckett is a drummer and percussionist. more »

Mark Berry

Mark Berry, commonly known as Bez, is a British dancer, percussionist, author and media... more »

Mark Ford

Mark Ford is a British poet. more »

Mark Pontius

Mark Pontius is a musician. more »

Mark Saunders

Mark Saunders is a member of the musical group Florence and the Machine. more »

Marta Klimasara

Marta Klimasara is a Polish percussionist. She has had concert tours in France, Sweden, Japan... more »

Martin Chambers

Martin Dale Chambers is the drummer in the rock band, the Pretenders. In addition to playing the... more »

Marvin McFadden

Marvin McFadden is a member of the musical group, Huey Lewis the News. more »

Masaaki Tamaki

Masaaki Tamaki is a percussionist and the husband of Rimi Natsukawa. more »

Massimo Laguardia

Massimo Laguardia is a musician. more »

Master Henry Gibson

"Master" Henry Gibson is the world's most recorded percussionist, appearing on about 1200... more »

Mataro Misawa

Mataro Misawa is a percussionist. more »

Mathieu Soucy

Mathieu Soucy is a professionnal drummer, composer and multi-instrumentist musician based in... more »

Matīss Akuraters

Matīss Akuraters is a Latvian musician- percussionist and producer. Considered as one of the... more »

Matt Asti

Matt Asti is a member of the musical group, MGMT. more »

Matt Flynn

Matt Flynn is the drummer of American pop rock band Maroon 5. Matt replaced the original drummer... more »

Matt Nicholls

Matt Nicholls is a drummer and percussionist. more »

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