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Abdurahiman Randathani

Abdurahiman Randathani is an Indian politician, orator and a Member of Legislative Assembly of... more »

Abdurrahman Buğday

Abdurahman Buğday is a Turkish criminal who was involved in the Susurluk scandal. His father is... more »

Abdus Salam

Abdus Salam was one of the most well-known newspaper editors of Pakistan. He edited The Pakistan... more »

Abdush Shakoor

Abdush Shakoor is a Bangladeshi writer. more »

Abdussalam Sergiwa

Abdussalam Sergiwa is a former Libyan ambassador to the United Nations. more »

Abdyl Dylaveri

Abdyl Dylaveri was an Albanian politician and mayor of Elbasan from 1943 through 1944. more »

Abe Garver

Abe Garver is an American M&A investment banker, magazine contributor, television commentator,... more »

Abe Steinberg

Abe Steinberg was twin of Betty Steinberg. more »

Abel Barrera Hernández

Abel Barrera Hernández is a Mexican anthropologist and human rights activist. In 1994, he... more »

Abel Herrero

Abel Herrero is a member of the Texas House of Representatives, representing the 34th district... more »

Abel Ramírez Águilar

Abel Ramírez Águilar is a Mexican sculptor who has won many prizes not only for traditional... more »

Abel Roper

Abel Roper was an English journalist, who wrote in the Tory interest. more »

Abel Schrøder

Abel Schrøder, also Abel Schrøder the Younger, was a Danish woodcarver with a workshop in... more »

Abel Trujillo

Abel Trujillo is an American mixed martial artist currently competing as a lightweight for the... more »

Abelardo Gamarra Rondó

Abelardo Gamarra Rondó was a Peruvian writer, composer and journalist. he gave the name of... more »

Abele Blanc

Abele Blanc is an Italian mountaineer. In 2011, he became the twenty second person to climb the... more »

Aberi Balya

Aberi Kakyomya Balya was an Anglican Assistant Bishop of Uganda in the mid 20th century. He was... more »

Abhaya Subba

Abhaya Subba is a Nepalese singer-songwriter and musician, best known as the front woman of the... more »

Abhik Mukherjee

Abhik Mukherjee is an Indian classical sitar artist of the Etawah gharana. He received his... more »

Abhilash R.Babu

Abhilash R.Babu is the son of Ramachandra Babu. more »

Abhinava Sacchidananda Bharati I

Abinava Sacchidananda Bharati I was the 28th acharya of the illustrious Sringeri Sharada... more »


Abhiraka was an Indo-Scythian king and a member of the Kshaharata dynasty, belonged to Abhira... more »

Abhishek Mishra

Abhishek Mishra, secured a stunning victory in the 2012 Uttar Pradesh Elections, from the... more »

Abhishek R.Babu

Abhishek R.Babu is the son of Ramachandra Babu. more »

Abhishek Rawat

Abhishek Rawat is an Indian actor. more »

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