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Aboubacar Bangoura

Aboubacar Mario Bangoura is a Guinean football referee. He referees at the 2014 FIFA World Cup... more »

Abr Ahasani Gunnauri

Abr Ahsani Gunnauri was a Urdu ghazal and nazm writer cast in the classical mould of the Daagh... more »

Abra Castle Guggenheim

Abra Castle Guggenheim is the child of Ralph Guggenheim and Marsha Guggenheim. more »


Abraham was a legendary primate of the Church of the East, from the family of Jacob, the brother... more »

Abraham Aboab Falero

Abraham Aboab Falero was a Portuguese philanthropist. At the beginning of the seventeenth... more »

Abraham ben Solomon

Abraham ben Solomon of Torrutiel was a North African Jewish historian of the early 16th century. more »

Abraham de Vries

Abraham de Vries was a Dutch Mennonite minister, author on literature and member of several... more »

Abraham Escudero Montoya

Abrahim Escudero Montoya was the Roman Catholic bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Palmira,... more »

Abraham H. Oort

Abraham H. Oort was a climatologist at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory/NOAA, Princeton... more »

Abraham I. Pressman

Abraham I. Pressman was an American professional engineer. He was a nationally known power... more »

Abraham II

Abraham II was Patriarch of the Church of the East from 837 to 850. He was a monk at Beth Abe... more »

Abraham Katzir

Abraham Katzir is a Professor of Physics at Tel Aviv University, holding the Carol and Mel Taub... more »

Abraham L. Lawyer

Abraham L. Lawyer was an American politician from New York. more »

Abraham op den Graeff

Abraham Isacks op den Graeff was an original settler of Germantown, Pennsylvania, as well as a... more »

Abraham Oppenheim

Abraham Oppenheim was a German banker and patron. more »

Abraham Piceno

Abraham Piceno was the former husband of Emilia Guiú. more »

Abraham Prochownik

Abraham Prochownik was a Jew said, in some legendary sources, to have been nominated prince of... more »

Abraham Senior

Abraham Senior or Abraham Seneor was a rabbi, banker and politician Spanish Jew, a senior member... more »

Abraham Walley Mahomed Salaman

Abraham Walley Mahomed Salaman was a notable New Zealand merchant, dyer, herbalist and... more »

Abram Dixon

Abram Dixon was an American lawyer and politician from New York. more »

Abram Litton

Abram Litton was Washington University in St. Louis's first professor of chemistry who served as... more »

Abrigael Bohórquez

Abrigael Bohórquez was a poet and playwright born in Caborca, Sonora, Mexico in 1936, many of... more »

Abril Rodríguez

Abril Alejandra Rodríguez Fernández is a Mexican beauty contestant. Abril Fernández competed... more »


The Abrincatui were a Gallic tribe, not mentioned by Julius Caesar, whose frontier was near the... more »


Abrupolis was a king of the Thracian Sapaei, and ally of the Romans. He attacked the dominions... more »

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