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Adamou Harouna

Major Abdoulaye Adamou Harouna is a Nigerien military figure, who led the military coup which... more »

Adarnase of Abkhazia

Adarnase Shavliani was the King of Abkhazia between 880 and 887/888. He succeeded his father,... more »

Adarsh Rathore

Aadarsh Rathore in Hindi आदर्श राठौर, is an Indian journalist, musician and folk singer of... more »


Adasi was an Assyrian king, the last in a line of 7 usurpers of the Assyrian throne, who reigned... more »

Add Penfield

Add Penfield, a pioneer in North Carolina sports radio, was the original radio "Voice of the... more »


Adda-danu was the 'mayor' of the city/city-state of Gazru- of the Amarna letters period,... more »


Addon- low, one of the persons named in the Neh. 7:61 who could not "shew their father's house"... more »

Adee Phelan

Adee Phelan is a British hairdresser. He became a millionaire after creating the World Cup... more »

Adeeb Mahfoudh

Adeeb Mahfoudh is an Yemeni beach volleyball player. He competed at the 2012 Asian Beach Games... more »

Adel Hussein

Adel Hussein was an Egyptian journalist and oppositional political activist, who moved from... more »

Adela Blanche Stewart

Adela Blanche Stewart was a notable New Zealand homemaker and writer. She was born in Clifton,... more »

Adela Mary Younghusband

Adela Mary Younghusband was a notable New Zealand artist, art teacher and photographer. She was... more »

Adelaida Avagyan

Adelaida Avagyan was an Armenian physician, researcher, and leader in healthcare. She was the... more »

Adelaïde Ehrnrooth

Adelaide Ehrnrooth was Finnish feminist and writer. Adelaide Ehrnrooth was among 16 children of... more »

Adelaide of Eilenburg

Adelaide of Eilenburg was a German noblewoman. She was a daughter of Margrave Dedi I of the... more »

Adelaide of Holstein-Rendsburg

Adelaide of Holstein-Rendsburg, Countess of Schauenburg, was a daughter of Count Henry I and his... more »

Adelaide of Hungary

Adelaide of Bohemia was a daughter of Prince Álmos of Hungary and his wife Predslava of Kiev... more »

Adelaide of Poland

Adelaide of Poland was a Polish princess and member of the Piast dynasty. She was the daughter... more »

Adelaide of Rheinfelden

Adelaide of Rheinfelden, was the daughter of Rudolf of Rheinfelden; and wife of King Ladislaus I... more »

Adelaide of Waldeck

Adelaide of Waldeck was a daughter of Lord Henry III of Waldeck and his wife Matilda of... more »

Adelaide Rose Hester

Adelaide Rose Hester is daughter of Eric Hester. more »

Adelia Bierce

Adelia Bierce was the sister of Ambrose Bierce. more »

Adelina Scarpa

Adelina Scarpa is the mother of Guy Marks. more »

Adelino Maltez

José Adelino Eufrásio de Campos Maltez, is a Portuguese Lawyer and university professor and... more »


Adeloch[us] was the founder of the church and the first bishop of Strasbourg. He is buried in a... more »

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