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Admetus of Macedon

Admetus was a Macedonian commander of the agema of the hypaspists, a man of great bodily... more »

Administrator of the Turks and Caicos

Administrator of the Turks and Caicos was the administrator of the Turks and Caicos from 1859 to... more »


Admon was a Jewish Tanna sage, and chief dayan on the three police-court judges in Jerusalem... more »

Adnan Abdul Hameed

Adnan Abdul Hameed is a Maldivian beach volleyball player. He competed at the 2012 Asian Beach... more »

Adnan al-Assadi

Adnan al-Assadi is Iraq's deputy interior minister and acting minister of the interior. more »

Adnan Kapau Gani

Adnan Kapau Gani, often abbreviated as A. K. Gani, was an Indonesian politician. Born in West... more »

Adnan Koucher

Prof. Dr. Adnan Koucher is an Iraqi scholar. Adnan Koucher was born and grew up in Mosul, Iraq... more »

Adnan Nevic

Adnan Nevic foi o bebê escolhido para simbolizar a marca de seis bilhões de habitantes no... more »

Adnan Zahid Abdulsamad

Adnan Zahid Abdulsamad is a member of the Kuwaiti National Assembly, representing the first... more »

Adnen Helali

Adnen Helali is a Tunisian poet and actor, born in 1975 in Sbeitla, Tunisia. He is a teacher of... more »

Adolf Abicht

Adolf Abicht was a Polish-Lithuanian physician. He was a professor at Vilnius University,... more »

Adolf Albrecht Friedländer

Adolf Albrecht Friedländer was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist. more »

Adolf Carl Noé

Adolf Carl Noé was an Austrian-born paleobotanist. He is credited for identifying the first coal... more »

Adolf Chybiński

Adolf Chybiński was a Polish historian and musicologist. more »

Adolf Diekmann

Adolf Diekmann was Sturmbannführer-SS, commander of the battalion of the regiment of the Fūhrer... more »

Adolf Dieudonné

Adolf Dieudonné was a German physician and hygienist, born in Stuttgart. He studied medicine in... more »

Adolf Ebert

Georg Karl Wilhelm Adolf Ebert was a romance philologist and literary historian from Austria. He... more »

Adolf Eger

Paul Adolf Arenfeldt Eger was a Norwegian barrister. He was born in Kristiania as a son of... more »

Adolf Fonahn

Adolf Mauritz Fonahn was a Norwegian physician, medical historian and orientalist. He is best... more »

Adolf Gawalewicz

Adolf Gawalewicz was a Polish jurist and writer best remembered for his valuable memoirs from... more »

Adolf Gottstein

Adolf Gottstein was a German social hygienist and epidemiologist. He studied in medicine at the... more »

Adolf Krazer

Adolf Carl Josef Krazer was a German mathematician. more »

Adolf Sieverts

Adolf Ferdinand Sieverts was a German chemist, best known for his work on solubility of gases in... more »

Adolf Sturmthal

Adolf Sturmthal was an U.S. political scientist, sociologist and journalist of Austrian descent... more »

Adolf von Ribbentrop

Adolf von Ribbentrop was the son of Joachim von Ribbentrop. more »

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