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Aegus and Roscillus

Aegus and Roscillus were two chiefs of the Allobroges, who had served Julius Caesar with great... more »

Aelianus Meccius

Aelianus Meccius was an ancient physician, who must have lived in the 2nd century BC, as he is... more »


Aelric was a Northumbrian mason, probably of Saxon origin. He was perhaps the designer of the... more »


Aemilia Hilaria was a Gallo-Roman physician. She practiced medicine, and wrote books on... more »

Aenesidemus, tyrant of Leontini

Aenesidemus, the son of Pataecus of Gela in Sicily, was made tyrant of Leontini in 498 BCE by... more »

Aenghus Ua Flainn

Aenghus Ua Flainn was Abbot of Clonfert. An apparent kinsman, Coinneccám Ua Flainn, was also... more »

Aengus Ó hEodhasa

Aengus Ó hEodhasa, Irish poet, died 1480. Ó hEodhasa was a member of a brehon family based in... more »

Aengus Ó Máel Fogmair

Aengus Ó Máel Fogmair was Bishop of Killala from before 1224 until 1234. more »

Aernout van Lynden

Carel Diederic Aernout baron van Lynden is a Dutch-British journalist with over twenty years... more »


Aeschines was an ancient physician who lived in the latter half of the 4th century. He was born... more »

Aeschines of Neapolis

Aeschines of Neapolis was an Academic philosopher who shared the leadership of the Academy at... more »

Aeschrion of Syracuse

Aeschrion of Syracuse, whose wife Pippa was one of the mistresses of Verres, was frequently... more »

Aeschylus of Rhodes

Aeschylus of Rhodes was appointed by Alexander the Great one of the inspectors of the governors... more »


Aeson was an Athenian orator, and a contemporary of Demosthenes, with whom he was educated. To... more »


Aethlius of Samos was the author of a work titled Samian Annals, the fifth book of which is... more »


Aetion was an ancient Greek sculptor of Amphipolis, mentioned by Callimachus and Theocritus,... more »


Aetius was a politician of the Eastern Roman Empire, praefectus urbi of Constantinople and... more »

Aëtus son of Aëtus

Aëtus son of Aëtus was a priest in the ancient Egyptian religion under the reign of Ptolemy V... more »

Afdera Franchetti

Afdera Franchetti is an Italian Baroness, descended from an old Jewish family of Venice which... more »

Agasias, son of Menophilus

Agasias, son of Menophilus was an Ancient Greek sculptor from Ephesus. He was possibly the... more »


Agasides an athlete from Halicarnassus, alive in ancient times. Having won a bronze trophy at... more »

Agatha Christine of Hanau-Lichtenberg

Countess Agatha Christine of Hanau-Lichtenberg was a daughter of Count Philip Wolfgang and his... more »

Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, 12th Marquise of Castelldosrius

Ágatha Ruíz de la Prada y Sentmenat is a Spanish noble and fashion designer. more »


Agathagetus was a Rhodian who recommended his state to espouse the side of the Romans at the... more »


Agathocles was an Egyptian Greek nobleman and through his mother was related to the Ptolemaic... more »

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