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Agathotychus was an ancient veterinary surgeon, whose date and history are unknown, but who... more »

Åge Nigardsøy

Åge Johan Nigardsøy was a Norwegian organizational leader and disability rights activist. He was... more »

Age Wijnalda

Sir Age Pieters Wijnalda was a Dutch Mennonite teacher, minister and one of the first members of... more »

Agelaus of Naupactus

Agelaus of Naupactus, was a leading man in the Aetolian League He is first mentioned in 221 BC,... more »

Agénor Azéma de Montgravier

Michel Auguste Martin Agénor Azéma de Montgravier was a French archaeologist and soldier. more »


Agepolis of Rhodes was sent by his countrymen as ambassador to the consul Quintus Marcius... more »


Agesiles, who reigned around 20BC-1BC, is, with Sapadbizes, one of the first identified kings of... more »


Agesilochus or Hegesilochus, son of Hegesias, was the chief magistrate of the Rhodians in the... more »


Aggrammes, or Xandrames according to Diodorus Siculus, was the ruler of the Gangaridai and... more »

Agha Ibrahim Akram

Agha Ali Ibrahim Akram, better known as A. I. Akram was a Pakistan Army's Lieutenant-General and... more »

Agha Jan Motasim

Agha Jan Motasim is a moderate member of the Taliban's leadership and a member of the Quetta... more »

Aghsartan II of Kakheti

Aghsartan II, was the last King of medieval Kakheti in eastern Georgia from 1102 to 1105. He... more »

Agias of Sparta

Agias, the son of Agelochus and grandson of Tisamenus of Elea, was the Spartan seer of Lysander,... more »


Агиашвили — княжеский имеретинский род, Высочайше утвержденный в 1850 году. more »

Agim Sulaj

Agim Sulaj, is an Albanian famous painter, born on 6 September 1960 in Tirana Albania, living in... more »

Agimsaly Duzelkhanov

Agimsaly Duzelkhanov is a Kazakhstani artist. Born in Kazalinsk in Kyzyl-Orda oblast, he... more »


Aglaus was a semi-mythological poor citizen of Psophis in Arcadia. When King Gyges, king of... more »

Agne Sæther

Agne Roger Sæther is a Norwegian musician and drummer. He is best known as the drummer for the... more »

Agnellus, Bishop of Ravenna

Agnellus was a bishop of Ravenna in the Praetorian prefecture of Italy from 557 to his death... more »

Agnelo Gracias

Agnelo Rufino Gracias is the Auxiliary Bishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bombay. more »

Agnes Adler

Agnes Charlotte Dagmar Adler, born Hansen. 19 February 1865 in Copenhagen - 11 October 1935 at... more »

Agnes Bolsø

Agnes Bolsø is a Norwegian sociologist and expert on gender studies, particularly studies of... more »

Agnes Börjeson

Agneta "Agnes" Fredrika Börjeson, was a Swedish painter. She was a member of the Royal Swedish... more »

Agnes d'Harcourt

Agnes d'Harcourt was an author and the abbess of the Abbey of Longchamp. Agnes d'Harcourt was... more »

Agnes Elizabeth Lloyd Bennett

Agnes Elizabeth Lloyd Bennett was a New Zealand doctor. She was born in Sydney, New South Wales,... more »

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