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Agrippinus of Carthage

Agrippinus was a bishop of Carthage at the close of the second and beginning of the third... more »


Agroecius was a 6th-century bishop of Antibes, and the addressee of one of the extant letters of... more »

Agron Papuli

Agron Papuli is an Albanian businessman who has previously been one of sponsors of the football... more »

Aguinaldo Filho

Aguinaldo Filho is a Brazilian actor, narrator, journalist, TV anchor, translator and radio... more »

Agusriadi Wijaya Amphie

Agusriadi Wijaya Amphie is a male American badminton player who competed at 2012 Japan Super Series. more »

Águst Þór Jóhannsson

Águst Þór Jóhannsson is an Icelandic team handball coach. He is head coach for the Iceland... more »

Agustín Cuenca

Empezador mas que emprendedor, ha sido fundador de qarana, arteinversion.com, aspgems.com,... more »

Agustín García Calderón

Agustín García Calderón was the President of the Supreme Court of El Salvador until 2009. more »

Agustin Mantilla

Máximo Agustín Mantilla Campos is an economist, sociologist and Peruvian politician. more »

Agustín Millares Sall

Agustín Millares Sall was a Spanish poet. more »

Agustín Olguera

Agustín Olguera was a Spanish painter. He studied painting at the School of Painting and... more »

Agustín Pipia

Agustín Pipia was the Master of the Order of Preachers from 1721 to 1725. more »

Agustín Remiro

Agustín Remiro was a Spanish anarchist who was a crucial member of the resistance against Franco. more »

Agustina Magboo

Agustina Magboo is the wife of Ding M. De Jesus. more »

Agustinus Adisucipto

Agustinus Adisutjipto, posthumously promoted as Air vice-marshal was born in Salatiga, Central... more »

Agustinus Suhardi

Raden Agustinus Suhardi was a professor at Gadjah Mada University and first Agrarian Minister of... more »

Agwa Alemu

Agwa Alemu was an Ethiopian politician. He belonged to the Anuak ethnic group, and became the... more »

Agyen Kokobo

Agyen Kokobo was a southern Akan migrant leader in what is now Ghana. He is believed to have... more »

Aharon Klein

Aharon Klein was the father of Roi Klein. more »

Aharon of Karlin

Aaron ben Jacob of Karlin, known among the Ḥasidim as Rabbi Aaron the Great, or simply as the... more »

Aharon of Zhitomir

Aharon of Zhitomir was a disciple of Dov Ber of Mezeritch and a representative of the sect of... more »


Ahha was bishop of Seleucia-Ctesiphon, grand metropolitan and primate of the Church of the East... more »


Ahihud - is the name of multiple Biblical figures, meaning brother of union. ⁕A son of Bela, the... more »

Ahmad al-Safi al-Najafi

Ahmad al-Safi al-Najafi was an Iraqi poet, "a poet of extreme simplicity of style and a poetic... more »

Ahmad Behzad

Ahmad Behzad is the 2nd deputy of the Afghan Parliament. He is from Herat Province of... more »

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