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Hans Leinberger

Hans Leinberger was a German sculptor of the late Gothic active in Altbayern. more »

Hans Lownds

Hans Lownds was a husband of Sara Dylan. more »

Hans Mc-Kinney Møller

Hans Mc-Kinney Møller is the son of Arnold Peter Møller and brother of Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller. more »

Hans Michael Maitzen

Hans Michael Maitzen is an Austrian astronomer. After elementary and secondary school attendance... more »

Hans Nordin

Hans Nordin, is a Swedish guide, fishing guide, TV-host, and author. Nordin participated in over... more »

Hans Ove Hansen

Hans Ove Hansen was an American-born farmer and political figure in Saskatchewan. He represented... more »

Hans Peter Manz

Hans Peter Manz is an Austrian diplomat. He is the son of Austrian diplomats and grew up in... more »

Hans Plank

Hans Plank was an Austrian artist who in 1983 was awarded the Austrian Medal for Science and Art. more »

Hans Rupprecht Goette

Hans Rupprecht Goette is a German classical archaeologist. more »

Hans Schröder

Hans Schröder was a German sculptor and painter. more »

Hans Temming

Hans Walter Temming was a highly decorated Kapitänleutnant in the Kriegsmarine during World War... more »

Hans Ucko

Hans Ucko is a minister of the Church of Sweden and a member of the World Council of Churches... more »

Hans Ulrich Franck

Hans Ulrich Franck, a German historical painter and etcher, was born at Kaufbeuren, in Swabia,... more »

Hans van der Louw

General Hans van der Louw is a two-star general in the Royal Netherlands Army and the former... more »

Hans von Friebeis

Hans von Friebeis was a mayor of Vienna. more »

Hans von Hallwyl

Hans Theodor Hugo von Hallwyl was a Swiss politician, who headed the Conseil d'Etat of the... more »

Hans von Hallwyl

Hans von Hallwyl was a Swiss army commander, most notable for his major part in the Old Swiss... more »

Hans von Hentig

Hans von Hentig was a German criminal psychologist and politician. He was the younger brother of... more »

Hans Wagner

Hans Wagner was born in Zurich 1905-1989 was the first one to describe people who suffered from... more »

Hans Wilhelm Schüßler

Hans Wilhelm Schüßler was a German telecommunications engineer, professor at the University of... more »

Hans-Dieter Lange

Hans-Dieter Lange was a German TV journalist and anchorman of the East German newscast Aktuelle... more »

Hans-Georg Pflaum

Hans-Georg Pflaum was a German historian. more »

Hans-Joachim Hessler

Hans-Joachim Hessler is a German composer, musician and musicologist. Today, he lives in... more »

Hans-Joachim Nastold

Hans-Joachim Nastold was a German mathematician, who made notable contributions to algebra and... more »

Hans-Jürgen Stammer

Hans-Jürgen Stammer was a German zoologist, ecologist and director of the Zoological Institute... more »

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