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Isaac Ducart

Isaac Ducart, was a Dutch Golden Age painter active in England. more »

Isaac Ehrlich

Isaac Ehrlich, PhD is an American academic economist and researcher. He has done research in the... more »

Isaac H. Snowden

Isaac H. Snowden was one of the first three African-American students admitted to Harvard... more »

Isaac J Pardo

Isaac José Pardo Soublette, was a Venezuelan intellectual of German-Jewish extraction known for... more »

Isaac Jenks

Wealthy industrialist Isaac Jenks was an extremely successful ironmaster who served as Mayor of... more »

Isaac Lindley

Isaac Lindley was a Peruvian businessman. He is the son of the founders of the soft drink Inca Kola. more »

Isaac M. "Ike" Carpenter

Isaac M. "Ike" Carpenter was a popular Jazz bandleader and pianist active in the 1940s and... more »

Isaac Nordheimer

Isaac Nordheimer was a Hebrew scholar and educator who worked in the United States. more »

Isaac Noznisky

Isaac Noznisky is the father of Sara Dylan. more »

Isaac S. Tallmadge

Isaac S. Tallmadge was a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly in 1853. He was the son of U.S... more »

Isaac Shalom

Isaac I. Shalom, was an American businessman, philanthropist, and one of the leaders of the... more »

Isaac Spinoza

Isaac Spinoza is the elder brother of Baruch Spinoza. more »

Isaac Trachtenberg

Isaac Mikhailovich Trachtenberg - Ukrainian and Soviet hygienist, Professor, MD, a member of the... more »

Isaak Bacharach

Isaak Bacharach was a German mathematics professor in Erlangen who proved the Cayley–Bacharach... more »

Isaak Revzin

Isaak Iosifovic Revzin was a Russian linguist and semiotician associated with the Tartu–Moscow... more »


Isaake was a king of Uvea, ruling in rebellion for one day in 1895. He was preceded by Amelia... more »

Isabel Annie Aves

Isabel Annie Aves was a New Zealand abortionist. She was born in Waipawa, Hawke's Bay, New... more »

Isabel Castro

Isabel Castro is a New York based photojournalist and documentarian as well as the co-founder of... more »

Isabel Gomez-Bassols

Isabel Gómez-Bassols is a psychologist, writer, and broadcaster in the United States. She is a... more »

Isabel Ostrander

Isabel Egenton Ostrander was a prolific mystery writer of the early twentieth century who used,... more »

Isabella Ayuk

Isabella Agbor Ayuk is best known for stirring controversy based on age grounds shortly after... more »

Isabella de la Roche

Isabella de la Roche was the heiress of Thebes, daughter of Guy I de la Roche and his wife, an... more »

Isabella Fieschi

Isabella Fieschi, was a lady of Milan by marriage to Lucchino Visconti, lord of Milan. She was... more »

Isabella Garnett

Isabella Garnett founded the first hospital in the city of Evanston, Illinois that would serve... more »

Isabella Grimaldi

Isabella Grimaldi, was a Lady Consort of Monaco by marriage to Honoré I, Lord of Monaco. She was... more »

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