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Ishme-Dagan II

Išme-Dagān II, inscribed miš-me dda-gan and meaning “ Dagan has heard,” was a rather obscure... more »

Isho Bar Nun

Ishoʿ bar Nun was Patriarch of the Church of the East from 823 to 828. He succeeded Timothy I,... more »

Ishoyahb V

Ishoʿyahb V was Patriarch of the Church of the East from 1149 to 1175. more »


Ishpaka was a Scythian king, who was an ally of Mannae and Urartu. His successor was Partatua. more »

Ishwari Prasad Gupta

Ishwari Prasad Gupta is a 1958 batch IAS. He had been the Joint Secretary to the Government of... more »


Ishwarsena was the founder of the Abhira dynasty and he started an era which later became known... more »

Isi Leibler

Isi Leibler is a veteran international Jewish leader with a distinguished record of... more »

Isidor Levin

Isidor Levin is a folklorist, narrative researcher, theologian, and Professor Emeritus at the... more »

Isidore Assiene-Ambassa

Isidore Assiene-Ambassa is a football referee from New Caledonia. Assiene-Ambassa became a FIFA... more »

Isidore Fernandes

Isidore Fernandes is the immediate past Bishop of the Diocese of Allahabad, India. He was... more »

Isidoro Acevedo

Isidoro Acevedo was a Spanish communist. He participated in the founding of the Communist Party... more »

Isidoro de María

Isidoro de María was a Uruguayan writer, historian, journalist, politician and diplomat. In 1833... more »

Isingoma Labongo Rukidi

Isingoma Labongo Rukidi or Labongo and sometimes Mpuga Rukidi was the first in the line of the... more »

Islam Khan II

Islam Khan Mashadi was the Subahdar of Bengal. His original name was Mir Abdus Salam. more »

Islam Mohamed Himu

Islam Mohamed Himu is a Bangladeshi businessman in Japan who was wrongfully accused of... more »

Isma'il ibn Bulbul

Abu 'l-Sakr Isma'il ibn Bulbul was a prominent official of the Abbasid Caliphate during the... more »

Ismael La Rosa

Ismael Armando La Rosa Fernandini is a Peruvian actor. He is best known for his roles in... more »

Ismail Abu Shanab

Ismail Abu Shanab was one of the founders of Hamas, and one of its three most senior leaders in... more »

Ismail Badruddin II

Ismail Badruddin Bin Sayyedi Sheikh Aadam was 38 th Dai of Dawoodi Bohra. He succeeded the 37th... more »

Ismail El-Gawsaqi

Ismail El-Gawsaqi was Alexandria's governor from July 1986 till July 1997. more »

Ismail Fahd Ismail

Ismail Fahd Ismail or Ismāʿīl Fahd Ismāʿīl is a Kuwaiti novelist, short-story writer, and... more »

Ismail ibn Ibrahim

Ismail Ibn Ibrahim is most notable for being the father of Imam Bukhari. more »

Ismail Khilath Rasheed

Ismail Khilath Rasheed is a Maldivian blogger known for his support of religious tolerance and... more »

Ismail Khudr Al-Shatti

Ismail Khudr Al-Shatti is among the prominent personnel in the political arena of Kuwait and... more »

Ismail Kurtulmuş

Ismail Kurtulmuş is the child of Numan Kurtulmuş. more »

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