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István Marton

István Marton is a Hungarian politician, who served as Mayor of Nagykanizsa from 2006 to... more »

István Rosztóczy

István Rosztóczy was a Hungarian microbiologist, medical researcher, blood donor organizer, who... more »

István Várdai

István Várdai was a Hungarian Roman Catholic bishop and cardinal. more »

Isuf Keçi

Isuf Keçi was an Albanian politician and mayor of Tirana from 1950 through 1951. He was arrested... more »

Italia Federici

Italia Federici, the former president of the Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy... more »

Italo Jose Dejter

Italo José Dejter is an Argentine-born American mathematician of Bessarabian Jewish descent and... more »

Italo Righi

Italo Righi is a Sammarinese politician who was a Captain Regent, from April 1, 2012 to October... more »

Itch Jones

Richard "Itch" Jones is a retired college baseball coach. Jones broke his leg while in third... more »


Iter-piša, inscribed in cuneiform as i-te-er-pi/pi4-ša and meaning "Her command is surpassing",... more »

Ithobaal I

Ithobaal I was a king of Tyre who founded a new dynasty. During his reign, Tyre expanded its... more »

Itthipol Mameket

Itthipol Mameket is a Thai voice actor who works for Modernine TV, Channel 3, Thai PBS, Dream... more »


Itti-Marduk-balāṭu, inscribed mKI-dAMAR.UTU-DIN “with Marduk life,” ca. 1140–1132 BC, was the... more »

Itzamnaaj Bahlam of Ucanal

Itzamnaaj Bahlam was a Maya king of Ucanal in Guatemala in the late seventh century. He is... more »

Iva Knapová-Kalibánová-Kusynová

Iva Knapová-Kalibánová-Kusynová is an orienteering competitor who competed for Czechoslovakia... more »

Ivan Bich

Ivan Igorevich Bich is a Russian pair skater. With partner Kamilla Gainetdinova, he is the 2013... more »

Ivan Božić

Ivan Božić; was a Yugoslavian historian and member of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts... more »

Ivan Bratko

Ivan Bratko was a Slovene writer and publisher, partisan and officer. Bratko was born in Celje... more »

Ivan Carnaby

Ivan Clarence Carnaby was an Australian farmer, naturalist and ornithologist. He was born in... more »

Ivan Chambers

Ivan Chambers OBE was a Bulgarian bookseller, who spent his entire career working for Bryce's... more »

Ivan Court

Ivan Court was the 65th mayor of Saint John, New Brunswick in Canada from May 28, 2008 – May 28,... more »

Ivan David

Ivan David is a Czech psychiatrist, former Minister of Health and former director of the... more »

Ivan Durrant

Ivan Durrant is an Australian painter, performance artist and writer. Much of his art has had... more »

Ivan Esaulov

Prof. Dr. Ivan A. Esaulov is the author of numerous articles and five monographs, of which the... more »

Ivan Fedele

Ivan Fedele is an Italian composer. He studied at the Milan Conservatory. Fedele's compositions... more »

Iván Figueroa

Iván Figueroa is a poet and novelist from Sahuaripa, Sonora, Mexico, born in 1974. His work has... more »

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