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Inácio Henrique de Gouveia

Inácio Henrique de Gouveia was a Brazilian military leader. He participated in a governing junta... more »

Iñaki Arrola

Iñaki Arrola (en twitter es @arrola) es fundador y CEO de coches.com, un portal venta de coches... more »

Iñaki Gabilondo Jr

Iñaki Gabilondo Jr is the son of Spanish journalist Iñaki Gabilondo. more »

Iñaki Otxandorena

Iñaki Otxandorena is a Basque pelota player. He made his professional debut in March 1998 and... more »

Inam Ahmed Osmani

Inam Ahmed Osmani is a Pakistani engineer who founded Osmani & Company Ltd. in 1960. He... more »

Inayat Husain Thaver

Inayat Hussain Thaver was born in Sindh, Pakistan. In 1973 he joined the Dow University of... more »

Inayat Shah

Hazart Inayat Shah Bukhari is a man who came from Sindh, The Calipha of Hazarat Lal Shahbaz... more »

Inayatullah Khan

Inayatullah Khan was an Indian politician from the state of the Madhya Pradesh. He represented... more »

İnci Tekin

Inci Tekin is the parent of Metin Tekin. more »

Indanan Kasim Daud

Indanan "Dan" Kasim Daud is a Filipino politician and current mayor of Maluso in Basilan. more »


Brad Michael Batory, known professionally as Indashio, is an international celebrity fashion... more »

Inder Pal Khosla

Inder Pal Khosla is a retired Indian diplomat. He served as the Indian High Commissioner to... more »

Inder Singh Namdhari

Inder Singh Namdhari is an Indian politician.He is a member of the Indian Parliament, and... more »

Inder Verma

Inder Mohan Verma is an American Cancer Society Professor of Molecular Biology in the Laboratory... more »

India Roberts

India Roberts is a child of Christopher Roberts. more »

Indian magicians

Stage or street magic has a long history in India. Popular tricks include the rope trick, Indian... more »

Indibilis and Mandonius

Indibilis and Mandonius were chieftains of the Ilergetes, an ancient Iberian people of the... more »

Indigo August Petersen

Indigo August Petersen is the son of Maite Petersen. more »

Indra Bahadur Khatri

Indra Bahadur Khatri is a Nepalese politician. He contested the 1999 legislative election in the... more »

Indranil Biswas

Indranil Biswas is an Indian mathematician. He is professor of mathematics at the Tata Institute... more »

Indre Viskontas

Indre Viskontas is a Canadian-Lithuanian neuroscientist and operatic soprano. She holds a Ph.D... more »

Indrechtach mac Dungalaig

Indrechtach mac Dungalaig was a King of Brega from the Uí Chonaing sept of Cnogba of the Síl... more »


Indulf, also known as Gundulf, was a Byzantine mercenary who defected to the Ostrogoths and... more »

Ine Barlie

Ine Barlie is a Norwegian sport wrestler. She won gold medals at the 1987 and 1992 World... more »

Ine Poppe

Ine Poppe is a Dutch artist, journalist and writer. In 1984 she created an art project called... more »

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