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Ingrid Vang Nyman

Ingrid Vang Nyman was a Danish illustrator. more »

Ingrīda Circene

Ingrīda Circene is a Latvian politician, current Minister for Health of Latvia. She is a member... more »

Ingunn Aamodt

Ingunn Aamodt er en norsk forfatter og illustratør. Ingunn Aamodt er utdannet lærer i kunst og... more »

Ingunn Arnórsdóttir

Ingunn Arnórsdóttir, was an Icelandic scholar. She belonged to the Ásbirningar family clan and... more »

Ingunn Turner

UPCI missionaries in Estonia more »

Ingvald Conrad Thoresen

Ingvald Conrad Thoresen was a member of the Utah House of Representatives from 1898 to... more »

Ingvar Carlsson

Ingvar "Putte" Carlsson is a retired Swedish ice hockey player and head coach. As an assistant... more »

Ingvar Henry Lotts

Ingvar Henry Lotts, a German from Russia, is a composer, journalist, and publisher, and... more »

Ingvard Havnen

Ingvard Martin Havnen is a Norwegian diplomat. He is a cand.polit. by education, and started... more »

Ingvild Ryggen Carstens

Ingvild Ryggen Kristinsdatter Carstens is a Norwegian ski mountaineer and former... more »

Ingvill Raaum

Ingvill Elsebe Raaum was a Norwegian politician for the Conservative Party. She served as a... more »

Iñigo Lamarca

Íñigo Lamarca Iturbe is a Spanish lawyer and the current Ararteko, or Ombudsman, of the Basque... more »

Iñigo López de Mendoza y Mendoza

Íñigo López de Mendoza y Mendoza, was a Spanish noble, military, diplomat and politician in the... more »

Iñigo Pírfano

Íñigo Pírfano is a Spanish conductor, born in Bilbao, Spain, in 1973. He studied musical theory,... more »

Inka Bach

Inka Bach is a German writer. She moved with her family to West Berlin in 1972 and after her... more »


Inkishush or Inkicuc was a Gutian ruler in Sumer from ca. 2135 BC to 2129 BC. Inkishush is the... more »

Innocenty Winnicki

Innocenty Winnicki was the first Orthodox bishop who united the Diocese of Przemysl to the... more »


Inquisidor is the current ring name of Juan Miguel Escalante Grande who is a Mexican luchador... more »


Intef was an Ancient Egyptian general of the 11th Dynasty, around 2000 BC, under king Mentuhotep... more »


Interdiscourse is the implicit or explicit relations that a discourse has to other discourses... more »

Interregnum queen

Some more recent research has other findings, but according to early twentieth century writers... more »

Ints Dālderis

Ints Dālderis is a Latvian clarinetist and politician of initially the People's Party, later the... more »

Intsar Ahmad Khan

Intsar Ahmad Khan is the current Naib Nazim of the District of Jhelum in Punjab, Pakistan. more »


Inykhnum was an ancient Egyptian high-ranking official who worked and lived during the 2nd... more »


Iohannes was a politician of the Eastern Roman Empire. more »

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