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Ion Hadârcă

Ion Hadârcă is a Moldovan politician. more »

Ippolito Maria Beccaria

Ippolito Maria Beccaria was the Master of the Order of Preachers from 1589 to 1600. more »

İpşiri Mustafa Pasha

Ibşir Mustafa Pasha was an Ottoman statesman. He was grand vizier of the Ottoman Empire from 28... more »


IB.TAR.Sîn, was the 51st Assyrian king according to the Assyrian King List. He reigned for 12... more »


Ipu was a royal nurse during the 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt. She was the mother of Queen... more »

Iqbal Begum

Iqbal Begum is the parent of Rani. more »

Iqbal Bhatkal

Iqbal Bhatkal aka Iqbal Shahbandri is the ideologue, leader and wanted terrorist of Indian... more »

Iqbal Karim Bhuiyan

General Iqbal Karim Bhuiyan is the current Chief of Army Staff of the Bangladesh Army. He took... more »

Iqbal Muhammad

Iqbal Muhammad is a boxer from Pakistan who won the gold medal in the light heavyweight category... more »

Ira Shor

Ira Shor is a professor at the City University of New York, where he teaches composition and... more »

Irai Anbu

Venkatachalam Irai Anbu is an IAS officer, Writer, Columnist, Educator and Motivator. He has... more »

Irene Diaz

Irene Díaz is the daughter of Sílvia Buarque and Chico Díaz. more »

Irene Helen Candy

Irene Helen Candy is the mother of Antony Moynihan, 3rd Baron Moynihan. more »

Irene Johnston

Irene Johnston is the adoptive mother of singer Bruce Johnston. more »

Irene Kopelman

Irene Kopelman is an artist based in Amsterdam whose work explores the relationship between... more »

Irene Malin

Irene Malin is a multilingual British-Cameroonian fashion personality, presenter and business woman. more »

Ireneusz Kwieciński

Ireneusz Kwieciński is a Polish judoka. more »

Irfan Ceklkupa

Irfan Ceklkupa was an Albanian politician and mayor of Tirana from 1957 through 1958. more »

Irfan Razack

Irfan Razack is an Indian entrepreneur from Bangalore. He is the Managing Director of Prestige... more »


Irimayašša, or Iriyamašša was an Egyptian official, of the 1350-1335 BC Amarna letters... more »

Irina Bogacheva

Irina Petrovna Bogacheva is a Russian mezzo-soprano and a professor of singing at the St... more »

Irina Dorofeeva

Irina Dorofeeva is a singer from Belarus. more »

Irina Gaidamachuk

Irina Viktorovna Gaidamachuk is a Russian serial killer who killed 17 elderly women between 2002... more »

Irina Kaptelova

Irina Kaptelova is a Ukrainian actress. more »

Irina Markovic

Irina Markovic is a Dutch compound archer. She is the current World Archery number 17 in women's... more »

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