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Irina Mlodik

Irina Mlodik is the wife of actor Emmanuil Vitorgan. more »

Irina Petraș

Irina Petraş is a Romanian writer, literary critic, essayist, translator and editor. more »

Irina Sebrova

Irina Feodorovna Sebrova was a lieutenant and pilot for the Soviet Air Forces who served in the... more »

Irina Tasseva

Irina Taseva was a Bulgarian actress. She was born on July 22 1910 in the town of Kiustendil,... more »

Irina Yanina

Irina Yanina – a nurse, medical sergeant. Hero of the Russian Federation. more »

Irir Samaale

Irir Samaale is the oldest common ancestor of several Somali clans and their respective sub-clans. more »

Iris van Herpen

Iris van Herpen is a Dutch fashion designer. She studied Fashion Design at Artez Institute of... more »

Iris von Roten-Meyer

Iris von Roten-Meyer was a Swiss journalist, writer, feminist and jurist. She was the editor of... more »

Irit Ziffer

Dr. Irit Margit Ziffer, archaeologist and art historian, is the current curator of the Ceramics... more »

Irma Ingertha Gram

Irma Ingertha Gram, née Schram was a Norwegian art historian. more »

Irma Juvancz

Irma Juvancz is the spouse of Gyulla Illyes. more »

Irma Nydia Vázquez

Irma Nydia Vázquez, Puerto Rico's representative as Miss Puerto Rico in the 1948 Miss America... more »


Irong-Irong appears in the Maragtas legend of the coming of ten Bornean datus to the island of... more »

Irshad Alasr Jafri

Irshad Alasr Jafri is Pakistani novelist recognized for the Imran Series from Muzaffargarh... more »

Irterish Qaghan (Second Turkic Khaganate)

Irterish Qaghan (Second Turkic Khaganate) was a ruler of the Second Eastern Turkic Khaganate more »

Irvin Charles Mollison

Irvin Charles Mollison was a Judge for the United States Customs Court. more »

Irwan Prayitno

Irwan Prayitno is an Indonesian politician who is currently serving as the governor of West... more »

Irwin Lewis

Irwin Lewis is an indigenous Australian artist, who was previously a notable scholar, sportsman... more »

Irwin Schroeder

Irwin Schroeder is the Acting Chief Administrative Law Judge, Office of Medicare Hearings and... more »

Isa Khan Niazi

Isa Khan Niazi was an Afghan noble in the court of Sher Shah Suri and his son Islam Shah Suri,... more »

Isaac b. Eliashib

R. Isaac b. Eliashib was a fourth generation Amora sage of the Land of Israel, who lived at the... more »

Isaac Bullard

Isaac Bullard was an early 19th-century Pentecostal religious leader who in 1817 founded a... more »

Isaac Colonia

Isaac Colonia, was a Dutch Golden Age painter of portraits, still lifes, and landscapes. more »

Isaac D. Levy

Isaac D. Levy was a co-founder of Oppenheim Collins & Company, Inc., a ladies' skirt... more »

Isaac Díaz Pardo

Isaac Díaz Pardo was a Galician intellectual strongly attached to both Sargadelos and Cerámica... more »

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