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Jalen Treadwell

Jalen Treadwell is the sibling of Demetrius Treadwell. more »

Jalila al-Salman

Jalila Mohammed Ridha al-Salman is a Bahraini teacher and vice president of the Bahrain... more »


Jaluka is one of the children of the 3rd-Century BC Mauryan emperor Ashoka the Great. more »

JaLynn Prince

JaLynn Rasmussen Prince is a humanitarian, photographer, businesswoman and the president and... more »

Jamal Aghmani

Jamal Aghmani or Rhmani is a Moroccan politician of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces party... more »

Jamal Ehsani

Jamal Ehsani, was a Pakistani poet noted for his work in the ghazal form. and was a favourite... more »

Jamaliya Syed Khaleel Awn Moulana

Jamaliya Syed Khaleel Awn Moulana Al Hasani-ul Hashimi born the 16th of Shawwal 1356 Hijri... more »

Jamar Chess

Jamar Chess was born into music royalty and today continues the legacy as a third generation... more »

Jambulinga Nadan

Jambulinga Nadan was a notorious brigand of the southern Madras Presidency in the early 20th... more »

Jambyn Lkhümbe

Jambyn Lkhümbe was member of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Mongolian People's... more »

Jameel Humadan

Jameel Humadan is the current Minister of Labor of Bahrain. He was appointed by Hamad ibn Isa Al... more »

Jamel Eddine Gharbi

Jamel Eddine Gharbi is a Tunisian politician. He serves as the Minister of Planning and Regional... more »

Jamelle Folsom

Jamelle Moore Folsom was an American former First Lady of the U.S. state of Alabama, serving... more »

James A. Cody

Chief Master Sergeant James A. Cody became the 17th Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force on 24... more »

James A. Graham

James A. Graham is a Luxemburgish-American-Mexican international lawyer, recognized as a... more »

James A. Piper

James A. Piper is a New Zealand/Australian physicist, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Professor of... more »

James A. Wilson

James Arthur Wilson is a mathematician working on special functions and orthogonal polynomials... more »

James Abbott Mackintosh Bell

James Abbott Mackintosh Bell was a New Zealand geologist, writer and company director. He was... more »

James Albert Cross

James Albert Cross was a lawyer and political figure in Saskatchewan. He was a soldier's... more »

James Alexander Pond

James Alexander Pond was a New Zealand analytical chemist and homoeopathic pharmacist . He was... more »

James Allen Graham

James Allen Graham, was a North Carolina teacher and politician who served as the thirteenth... more »

James Angus

James Angus is an Australian artist known for 'his engaging and rigorously crafted... more »

James Archibald Kiteley

James Archibald Kiteley was a physician and political figure in Saskatchewan. He represented... more »

James B. Carey

James Barron Carey was an American labor union leader; secretary-treasurer of CIO;... more »

James B. Engle

James Bruce Engle was an American diplomat, a career Foreign Service Officer who served as US... more »

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