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Jacques Cornano

Jacques Cornano is a French politician who was elected to the French Senate on September 25,... more »

Jacques Daléchamps

Jacques Daléchamps was a French botanist and physician. more »

Jacques de Clermont-d'Amboise

Jacques de Clermont d'Amboise was the third son of Louis de Clermont, Lord of Gallerande, butler... more »

Jacques Delécluse

Jacques Delécluse is a French percussionist and composer. more »

Jacques Dicker

Jacques Dicker was a Russian-born Swiss socialist politician and lawyer. Dicker was born in a... more »

Jacques Duboin

Jacques Duboin was a French economist. more »

Jacques Forget

The abbé Jacques Forget was a Belgian priest, biblical scholar and professor of Arabic at the... more »

Jacques Gennen

Jacques Gennen is a Belgian politician. He is a member of the Socialist Party. He was a Member... more »

Jacques Huntzinger

Jacques Gabriel Huntzinger is a former French ambassador to Israel, Estonia, and Macedonia, and... more »

Jacques Ishaq

Archbishop Mar Jacques Ishaq is a Curial Bishop of the Patriarchate of Babylon, Iraq, of the... more »

Jacques J. Bouchard

Jacques J. Bouchard was called to the Order of Canada on 17 December 1973 and inducted as a... more »

Jacques Jullien

Jacques André Marie Jullien was the Roman Catholic archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese... more »

Jacques Lécuyer

Jacques Lécuyer was a French general. more »

Jacques Marcotte

Jacques Marcotte is a Canadian politician. He was a member of the National Assembly of Quebec... more »

Jacques Mitterrand

Jacques Mitterrand was the Grand Master of the Grand Orient de France and a founder of the small... more »

Jacques Molinos

Jacques Molinos was a French architect. Molinos was born in Lyon and studied in Paris at the... more »

Jacques Nziza

Major General Jacques Nziza, also known as Jack Nziza is a military adviser to president Paul... more »

Jacques Pinsum

Jacques Pinsum was a French naval officer. more »

Jacques Rennes

Jacques Rennes was a French philosopher and veterinarian. more »

Jacques Roy

Jacques Roy is a former Canadian diplomat. Born in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, Québec, Roy studied at... more »

Jacques Scherer

Jacques Scherer was a French scholar, who was a professor in universities in France and at the... more »

Jacques Smalle

Jacques Smalle is a South African politician, currently a Member of Parliament with the... more »

Jacques Stehman

Jacques Stehman was a Belgian pianist and composer. more »

Jacques Tremblay

Jacques Tremblay was a Canadian politician. He was elected to the National Assembly of Quebec... more »

Jacques Van Herp

Jacques Van Herp was a Belgian editor. more »

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