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Jacques Villiers

Jacques Villiers was a French aerospace engineer and public servant. He was the founder of the... more »

Jacques Yver

Jacques Yver, seigneur de la Bigoterie and de Plaisance was a French writer of the Renaissance... more »

Jacques Zwobada

Jacques Zwobada, also spelt in other ways, such as Swobada and Zwoboda, was a French sculptor... more »

Jacques-François Baudiau

Jacques-François Baudiau was a French geographer. more »

Jacques-François de Villiers

Jacques-François de Villiers was a French physician and translator. Villiers practised as a... more »

Jacques-Henri Schloesing

Jacques-Henri Schloesing was a French aviator. more »

Jacques-Marie-Adrien-Césaire Mathieu

Jacques-Marie-Adrien-Césaire Mathieu was a French cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He was... more »

Jacqui Manzano-Yllana

Jacqui Manzano-Yllana is the wife of Anjo Yllana. more »

Jacquie Fenske

Jacquie Fenske MLA, is a politician in Alberta, Canada. She served on Strathcona County Council... more »

Jacqulyn Buglisi

Jacqulyn Buglisi is a present day choreographer, artistic director, dancer, educator, and... more »

Jadav Payeng

Jadav "Molai" Payeng is a Mishing tribe environmental activist and forestry worker from Jorhat,... more »

Jade Aimara Monteiro Almeida

Jade Aimara Monteiro Almeida is the daughter of Liege Monteiro and Neville de Almeida. more »

Jade Fairbrother

Jade Fairbrother is a South African model and celebrity ambassador. She is one of the leading... more »

Jade Sky

Jade Sky was a king of the Maya city-state Quirigua in Guatemala, a successor of Sky Xul, who... more »

Jaden Baker

Jaden Baker is the child of Scott Thompson Baker. more »

Jadwiga Apostoł

Jadwiga Apostoł, or Jadwiga Apostoł-Staniszewska was a Polish teacher in the interwar period, an... more »

Jadwiga Janus

Jadwiga Janus is a Polish sculptor. more »

Jadwiga Smosarska

Jadwiga Smosarska was a Polish film actress. She appeared in more than 25 films between 1919 and... more »


Jael is an American artist/illustrator specializing in science fiction and fantasy art. more »

Jafar Khan

Prince Jafar Khan was the son of Ahmad Shah I, King of Gujarat Sultanate from 1411 - 1443. In... more »

Jagarlamudi Kuppuswamy Chowdary College

Jagarlamudi Kuppuswamy Chowdary College is an educational institution in Guntur, Andra Pradesh,... more »

Jagath Ramanayake

Jagath Ramanayake is a Sri Lankan Entrepreneur based in Japan. more »

Jagatvir Singh Drona

Captain Pandit Jagat Vir Singh Drona is the present mayor of Kanpur and a former member of the... more »

Jagdish Chandra Mahindra

Jagdish Chandra Mahindra commonly referred as J. C. Mahindra was an Indian industrialist and... more »

Jagdish Joshi

Jagdish Joshi is a noted Indian children's book illustrator. Born 1937, he studied fine arts at... more »

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